Opal is gemstone that is dedicated to month of October along with another pink color Libra Birthstone tourmaline. Because of attractive Libra Birthstone Color, this stone is given as a gift to celebrate the anniversary. The origin of this birthstone is in India and its name is derived from Sanskrit Upala that has meaning “precious birthstone”. Later on Greeks did a lot of work for its meaning and its Greeks derivative version is “Opallios” that have meaning “to see a change of color”.

Opal history is very descriptive and full of myths. In medieval era, all blond maidens loved to wear necklaces of opal with the consideration that their hair will remain in their original look and this stone will prevent them from darkening. There is myth roaming about the opal that it gives a person power to make him invisible when he wishes.

Ancient used to think that opal is symbol of loyalty and assurance and afterwards in history its bond with the religion was developed. It was believed strongly that it has potential power to provide remedy to eye diseases and it would develop a strong immunity power in the wearers to save them from the diseases of eyes and increase the natural power of eyes and mind.

 Mystical Energy due to Opal Birthstone

Opal has mystical power to increase the intensity of traits and these appear for transformation. The characteristics either are good or bad. It promotes creativity, aesthetic sense and also matures artistic ideas in the personality of the wearers. It advances one towards the dynamic creativity and amplifies the pluses of the positive thinking in one’s brain for understanding the potential benefits of positive development in a personality. It is also agent of justice and harmony and has proven very useful in moments of dangers.

It is often said about the Opal birthstone that it cures infection and brings out a person from state of fever. It has been a memory stabilizer. Furthermore it works well for the purification of blood and kidney, supervise the insulin in the body and assists in easy childbirth. After all this stone is very helpful to live a healthy and a life with full of confidence.

Scientific Meaning and Physical Properties of Opal Birthstone

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Opal birthstone has the meaning

“a precious stone whose color changes when the position of a person looking it changes ”

Opal attractive color scheme is due to its dynamic natural formation system that doesn’t match with other naturally existing stones. As in opal birthstone there is array of vibrant dynamic colors matching with rainbow colors, and because of this natural colors scheme of the stone, its wearer also possesses a dynamic positive energy and healing power. These colors had very high value in the Roman Jewelry.

The dynamic color scheme of the opal birthstone is because of the natural formation of the gemstone in which silica sphere are closely packed and light reflects from the various silica sphere and finally make it a gemstone having various color scheme on it. These set of silica have different sizes and patterns Because of this natural outlook it is a precious gemstone. The size of the silica also changes the appearance of the color on the stone.

Opal is not too hard stone; its rating on hardness scale is 5.5 to 6.5. It is formed with hard silica gel having 5-20% water. It has come in experimental observation that some opals get crack on them if they are allowed to dry out rapidly after mining process. Opal has amorphous structure means no crystals are naturally present in its formation.

How to Care Opal Jewelry?

Opal will remain in its natural look if you care it properly. Do a special care of the stone to save it from the scratches and never dip it in oil or in any chemical solution. If one goes for such practice, there may be a chance of partial or complete loss of its fire. Never place your opal birthstone near anything that is potentially dry. So to save your opal birthstone from drying, dip it in water for 20 to 30 minutes after some months to keep its beauty consistent.