Hiring a professional hacker for hire service can be quite tricky if you don’t do it the proper way. As much as there are legit hackers for hire, there are also some fake/inexperienced hackers out there. Are you looking to hire a hacker or looking for possible collaborations with an ethical hacker, there will more than likely be someone out there who is interested in helping you. When trying to hire a hacker, we need to put two angles into consideration: emotional appeal and technical appeal. 

The emotional appeal is this: Journalism is essential to a functioning democracy. Work here and you can change the world. Technically, we promote how much you’ll learn. Our projects are small, fast and iterative. Every project is a new set of tools, a new language, a new topic (fire safety, the pension system) that you must learn. The newsroom is a crucible. I’ve never managed a team that has learned so much, so fast, as our team.

How to Hire a Legit Hacker

It is very important to appreciate legit hackers for hire service providers. If you are looking to hire a professional, legit and trusted hacker, you can follow the steps listed below; 

Here are a few ideas on how to hire a legit hacker:

1.) Post Job on Hacker for Hire Websites: Identify and post to websites aimed at connecting the best and most professional hackers with people that are in need of hacking services. One of such websites in Prohactive.com.

2.) Use Relevant Mailing Lists: For example, the NICAR-L and Data Driven Journalism mailing lists. And you can send an email to a recommended hacker such as Hackraptor, by sending a request to the Hackraptor email address – [email protected]

3.) Contact Appropriate Organizations: Do you want to clean up or scrape data from the web? You could contact an organization such as Scraperwiki. They have a great address book of trusted and willing hackers.

4.) Join Relevant Groups and Networks: Look out for initiatives such as Hacks/Hackers which bring journalists and techies together. Hacks/Hackers groups are now springing up all around the world. You could also try posting something to their jobs newsletter.

5.) Explore Local Interest Communities: You could try doing a quick search for an area of expertise in your area (e.g. ‘javascript’ + ‘london’). Sites such as Meetup can also be a great place to start.

6.) Hackathons and Hack Competitions: Whether or not there is prize money available: app and visualization competitions and development days are often fruitful ground for collaboration and making connections.

7.) Consult a Geek: Geeks hang around with other geeks. Word of mouth is always a good way to find good people to work with.

How to Know a Legit Hacker for Hire Service

Once you have found a hacker, how do you know if they are any good? We asked Mr. A. Dante, the Hackraptor’s Lead Interactive Technologist, for his views on how to spot a good one:

1.) They Code the Full Stack: When dealing with deadlines, it’s better to be a jack of all trades than a master of one. News apps require data wrangling, dynamic graphics and derring-do.

2.) They See and Understand the Whole Picture: Holistic thinking favors narrative value over technical detail. I’d rather hear one note played with feeling than unceasing virtuosity in obscure scales. Find out how happy someone is to work alongside a designer.

3.) They Tell a Good Story: Narrative presentation requires arranging things in space and time. Find out what project they’re most proud of and ask them to walk you through how it was built — this will reveal as much about their ability to communicate as their technical understanding.

4.) They Properly Talk Things Through: Building things fast requires mixed teams working towards common goals. Each participant should respect their fellows and be willing to negotiate. Unforeseen obstacles often require rapid re-planning and collective compromise.

5.) They Keep Improving Their Skills: Technology moves fast. It’s a struggle to keep up with. Having met good developers from all sorts of backgrounds, the most common trait is a willingness to learn new stuff on demand.

How To Find Your Dream Hacker for Hire

The productivity difference between a good and a great hacker is not linear, it is exponential. So it is extremely important to hire well when hiring a hacker. Unfortunately, hiring well can also be difficult. It is hard enough to vet candidates if you are not experienced. Add to that the salaries that news organizations can afford to pay, and it can be quite challenging.

As for where to look for, we have put together tips to find great hackers online. Prohactive.com is where the best hackers can be hired. Another potential resource is Code for America. Every year, a group of hackers emerges on Prohactive, looking for their next big project. And as a bonus, Prohactive has a rigorous interview process, they have already done the vetting for you. 

Lastly, it is not enough to just hire a hacker, you need technical management. A lone-gun developer still has to be monitored. Even the best hacker, when left to his own devices, may choose technically interesting work over doing what’s most important to the client. Hackers need monitoring and somebody to make sure they do a great job and meet the deadline.

Services You Can Hire a Hacker to Do for You

The list of services you can hire a hacker to do for you are unlimited. They include, but are not limited to the following; 

1.) Hire a Hacker to Investigate Cheating Spouse

One of the top and most popular reasons people hire hackers is to investigate and find out facts about cheating spouses. Nowadays when a husband suspects his wife is having an extramarital affair (or vice versa), the first thing that usually comes to mind is gaining access to the spouse’s phone. How best can this be done if not with the help of a professional hacker?

A hacker is able to help you gain remote access into cell phone, the service allows you not only to spy on the phone in deferred, but can spy in real time everything that happens, live and live knowing what is happening on the cell phone. It also has a powerful keylogger, with which you can know in detail absolutely everything that was written from it.

2.) Spy on Mobile Phone

You can hire a hacker to gain access to the phone remotely, in order to hack and monitor as well as retrieve sensitive information. This is a special method of espionage that goes beyond simply spying on a cell phone, since you will get total control of one or more cell phones at the same time. A hacker is able to gain unauthorized access to iPhone and android devices.

In addition to giving you absolute control of the multiple devices, you can also spy on your victim’s cell remotely without having to manipulate their phone and regardless of whether they have the block pattern or password or are in another country. With this cell phone hack, you can spy any type of cell phone to access chats, text messages, call logs and records etc.

3.) Remove Unwanted Content

There may be some negative content you might want to take off the internet, and you don’t know how to do it. It might be an article, a web page, negative press, pictures etc. People in need of this kind of service don’t usually know how to go about it.

Since most website owners are usually unresponsive about such requests, hiring a hacker remains your best bet. With the help of a good hacker for hire service, you can easily and completely take off any unwanted content from the internet. All you really have to do is just to get in touch with the right hacker who is capable of getting the job done

4.) Email and Social Media Protection

You can hire a hacker to help you protect your email account or social media account from bad hackers as well as from any other form of hack attack. Just as you can get the good guys to protect you from the bad guys, you can also hire them if you need access to any email or social media account.

You can also get access to any email account or social media account to find out any information, be it a cheating spouse or employee monitoring. All you need to do is to get in touch with someone or a group of hackers with the right experience.

5.) Website and Database Hack

Website hack and database hack were what hackers used to be very popular for, especially back in the days before the field of ethical hacking became popular, and other hacking services are now gaining popularity.

So you can now hire a hacker to practically get any of the above services done or for any other personalized service. All you have to do is to get in touch with a well experienced and qualified hacker who is certain to get the job done to your satisfaction, and give you desired results.

Hire a Prohactive Hacker for Hire Review

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