Fans praise the characters of High-Rise Invasion and the suspenseful thriller manga. This is a suspenseful manga illustrated by Takahiro Ob and written by Tsuina Miura, the creator of Ajin.

The tense manga was broadcast virtually in the DeNa Manga Box app. It was broadcast from December 2013 to March 2019. The manga is available in 21 volumes and has been published by Seven Seas Entertainment in 2-in-1 volumes throughout the United States from 2018.

The High-Rise Invasion is the sequel to the manga that has been serialized on the pocket website and app.

The plot of the manga High-Rise Invasion

Fans in the United States greatly appreciate the suspenseful manga for its High-Rise Invasion characters and thrilling storyline. We’ll cover the characters later, but let us know about the history of the series.

The plot begins with a young girl named Yuri who witnesses the murder of a man on the roof of a tall building. He sees the man in the face mask cleave the man’s head with an ax.

This is not a typical case for a schoolgirl, and after a murder mystery, things start to expand. As the story unfolds, Yuri ends up in a new world of skyscrapers, which is strange.

He gets two options: to dive well into death or to fight the inexplicably masked man who murdered the man at first.

Information about the series

• Author – Tsuina Miura

• Publisher – Kodansha (JP), Seven Seas Entertainment

• Number of volumes – 21 volumes

• Genre – Mastery, horror, thriller, suspense and action

About characters from High-Rise Invasion

The series has two different character types and they are categorized accordingly below:

The main characters:

• Mayuko Nise

• Mamoru Aikawa

• Sniper mask

• Rika Honjou

• Yuri Honjou

Secondary characters

• Administrator

• Great Angel

• Ain

• Juo

• The Greedy Gambler

• Kohei Yamanami

• Kuon Shinzaki

• Kazuma AOHARA

• Rikuya YOSHIDA

• Miko

• Shinji OKIHARA

• Shintaro HAYAMI

• Overseer

• Yayoki Kusakabe

• Uzuki Kusakabe

• Swimmer

• Yukio Tanabe

Minor characters

• Haruka

• Azuma

• Megumi Saito

• Kijima

• Nishuira

• The Nakazaki

• President

• Nomura

• White Feather

• Takeda

These are all the characters of High-Rise Invasion you’ll see in the thrilling manga.

Who are the publishers of the High-Rise Invasion manga?

The manga is a sequel to the original series and is called High-Rise Invasion. It has been serialized on the Kodansha Magazine Pocket Website and App as of July 2019.

However, the original manga was published online in DeNA’s Manga Box app since December 2013. Until March 2019, Kodansha Magazine has the powers and licenses to serialize the manga and has folded it into a 21-volume series.


Hopefully this walkthrough clarified the suspenseful storyline, the publisher and most importantly the characters of High-Rise Invasion, all minors, primary and secondary characters.

Tight Manga is available for streaming online and fans can access all the volumes one by one or enjoy the cumulative volumes published by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Have you seen all the volumes of the High-Rise Invasion manga? Share your views in the comments section.