When a company has a positive reputation and many clients, then more demands are made on its employees. They need to maintain the status of the company they represent. The same can be said for realtors. Realtors representing one or another company with a positive reputation and numerous clients have to think about even such details as the design and quality of signs.

As an example – Keller Williams Realty. This is a well-known company. Many realtors work on her behalf and diligently do their job. They provide assistance in selling, buying, renting or renting real estate. We are always ready to help, and for their work they take quite decent remuneration in terms of labor costs. All realtors of this company use KW signs. This is how they become recognizable personalities and, at the same time, advertise the company they represent.

Many outdoor sign manufacturers are ready to customize signage for Keller Williams Realty. However, not all manufacturers are able to fulfill such an order one hundred percent qualitatively. Quality in this case is very important, as it can influence the decision of potential customers. If the sign is made with high quality, then the client will definitely notice and mark it. The quality of the sign can influence the client’s decision whether he will contact a realtor or not. Low-quality signs, on the contrary, can lead to a sad result. The client will doubt that the realtor is worthy of choosing him for a serious business.

Compliance with corporate identity is important

When realtors order signs, you need to have a designer layout. If there is no such layout, then you can turn to specialists for the service of its development. It is important to think through every design detail. The main thing is that you cannot confuse it with the color scheme. Colors should be used from the same set that are present in the corporate style of Keller Williams Realty.

If the designer gets it wrong, then the outdoor advertising manufacturer will make a similar mistake. But you need to know about one more thing. A designer can design a layout for Keller Williams signs that matches their corporate identity exactly in their color palette. And at the production stage, mistakes will be made that will lead to a completely different result.

Why can mistakes be made during the production stage? This is often due to the inexperience of those who make the signs. Errors are made during the operation of professional equipment. Or you are using a printer that is not able to reproduce the tones of the desired color gamut. Poor-quality ink can also be used, which often have completely different colors from those indicated on their packaging.

The result of incorrect color rendering is always unpleasant. Many may say that, in principle, it does not matter. However, it must be remembered that brand awareness can then be ensured by using a single style. This also applies to signage. In particular, the colors and type should be exactly the same as the company uses for its corporate style. As a result, you can be sure that the sign will be effective. Potential clients will immediately understand that in front of them is a sign that belongs to a realtor of a well-known company. They will be happy to contact this realtor to sell or buy property.