Hielves Reviews: These days everyone does online shopping as every store is available online. Due to covid -19, every citizen of the UK avoids brick-and-mortar shops.

Furthermore, the first choice of online stores for clothing than others, such as household items, pet care, baby products and other product categories are listed. But getting all products at an affordable price is not easy. Here we have a website that will assist you in completing the shopping list on a low budget.

However, we know that online shopping is the most appropriate way these days, but many people do scams at low prices. Let’s find out the authenticity of this store from the reviews.

An overview of the Hielves com shop

It is an online store for fashionable clothes and products. This store user can shop for fashion clothes, baby and children’s accessories, household items and appliances, pet supplies, tool products, sports and outdoor products. Furthermore, this website offers free shipping above the purchase value of £ 19.99.

In addition, you get a discount of up to 50 percent on the product that is available in this store. Get more information about this shop and its policies through Hielves Reviews. But before going through the details of the website.

Details of the Hielves com

• URL: The link to shop in this online store is https://www.hielves.com/.

• URL created: the domainheelve.com was created on August 6, 2020.

• URL Validation: The URL of this website is valid until August 6, 2020, valid for one year only.

• URL Age: The age of this shop on the Internet is another five months and five days.

• Email support: For customer communication, this website uses [email protected].

• Available products: This website allows you to shop for girls’ clothes, baby clothes, pet supplies and care, household goods, shoes and accessories. You can also buy various tools and accessories.

• Product details: In the item description, you will get size details, material details, product weight, color, design, quality, product dimensions, power consumption and other details. Let’s get more information about shipping policy, return and refund by

• Hielves reviews.

• Size chart: The size chart for clothes and shoes is available in their description. Size chart follows British standards.

• Shipping terms: Free UK shipping on purchases over £ 19.99.

• Refund Policy: This shop accepts returns of products within 14 days. Online shoppers can request a return and refund of products within this period.

• Payments: it accepts online payments. The primary payment option is Paypal and the others are cards. People can pay with Visa Card, Master Card, Discover Card and Dinner Club Card.

• Newsletter: For new updates on newcomers, discounts and other information you can subscribe to the newsletter.

Positives of buying products from Hielves com

Here we get the below benefits of shopping through this website through Hielves Reviews.

• Free shipping applies to flat-rate purchases.

• This website is currently 50% off all products.

• The connection to this website is secured for online payments, as the connection is secured with HTTPS.

• It states the refund and return conditions.

Opposite points of buying products from Hielves.com

• This website has no physical address to list on its website.

• It uses an email address that is already used by several other websites on the Internet.

• It doesn’t have a contact number to resolve questions on phones.

• This online store does not create an account on social media to promote their products.

• It has no option to rate and review the website products in their description.

• It does not have any reviews on the internet.

• It does not specify the delivery time in the shipping policy.

Is Hielves com legit?

After exploring Hielves Reviews, we found out that it is five months old, but there is still not a single review on the internet. Furthermore, it did not mention its physical presence along with contact details on the website. It is also not present on social media. So it doesn’t seem like a dubious store, or it isn’t a legitimate store.

Feedback from customers

During website research, we do not get any product and service rating on the internet. So without customer reviews saying something about its services, this is not possible.

End result

After exploring Hielves Reviews, we understand that it is not a legit store and uses misleading information on the website. It also doesn’t have any product reviews yet, which is why we don’t recommend it.

For more information, please contact us through the comment section.