You are looking for HeylLike’s review? Then you have found the right place. Here, we will give you some information about the site. Simply go through the page to find out if fraud or a trusted company.

What is exactly?

It’s an online shopping site that sells fashion items and clothing, including sets, dresses, accessories, and other fashion items. There are many things that you should know before shopping at this online shop.

We have removed HeylLike from our list of doubtful websites for the following reasons:

Address of the Company:

It has given the name and address of the parent company to Mjm Ouros (Registration number: 814001541) 2 Square Saint Marsal 66100 Perpignan France. Google Maps searches revealed that this address is home to a Childcare Agency, but not any businesses with the names HeylLike and Mjm Ouros. Another suspicious site found this address to be being used is

Its email address, i.e. has nothing to do with its domain.

Sale and Discount Offers

The company is offering products at steeply discounted rates, which seems absurd and almost too good to true.

Copied content

We discovered that the product images for the site’s product catalog were not unique. This suggests that they either copied the image from another website or are simply reselling clothes or other products. It has a lot of content, including its website theme that matches with several suspicious and problematic websites.

Returns and Exchange

It also has a Refund Policy that is bogus and unrealistic for exchange and return of items. These sites have confusing terms that make it almost impossible for you to get a full refund.

Customer complaints and delivery:

According to the complaints of buyers of similar sites, the customer service as well as the delivery time are also poor.