A dilapidation survey refers to the inspection and assessment of a property. it is often done in the beginning or end of a lease. The goal is to assess your property’s current condition. In doing so, any damage or defect can be detected and scheduled for repairs. In some cases where contracts specify, compensation is just collected from the lessee and the landlord takes care of repairs.

What Happens During Dilapidation Surveys?

This type of survey is done by a chartered surveyor. They will visit your property to conduct a thorough inspection. From here, a report is drafted, which will outline the extent of damages in the different areas of the property. A recommendations list is also attached to the survey report. This will enumerate the necessary repairs and replacements, as well as next steps for both property owner and lessee.

Why Should You Get Dilapidation Surveys Done?

Whether you’re a property owner or tenant, you would want a survey done on your property. This is a sort of protection for both parties. When you know and document the real condition of a property, before and after a lease period, there is little room for disputes. Both parties can be held accountable for dilapidation issues. The responsible party can then be required to conduct repairs or pay for the damages. Click here to know more.

Who Needs Dilapidation Surveys in the UK and Ireland?

In the UK and Ireland, dilapidation surveys aren’t always required. This does not mean they aren’t useful. In several instances, dilapidation surveys function as the best tools for protecting the property owner and manager, as well as the tenant, against disputes. 

Dilapidation surveys are more often required for commercial properties. This is because lease agreements contain clauses on the state of the property before and after the lease. For instance, when a commercial property is leased to a café, it is presumed that the property will be exposed to a lot of people traffic, as well as the typical heat, waste, dirt, dust and grime of cafes.

Clauses are there to protect property owners and managers from having to pay for damages caused by erring tenants. In the case of the café, the business owner will have to pay for heat-damaged walls and floors, as well as the wear and tear from constant human traffic.

In some cases also, dilapidation surveys are done at the start of the lease. This is a way of documenting a property’s current condition. It is a good way for parties to come to an agreement when it comes to leasing or buying properties. Disputes are avoided when there is a record of pre-existing damages or defect. At the same time, property valuation becomes more accurate.

So, consider partnering with a dilapidation assessment team that specialises in servicing the UK and Ireland. This may seem like an extra step in the whole leasing or property sales process but it works to protect you. As lessee, you know what you’re renting, any repairs required and your responsibilities in upkeep and maintenance. As buyer, you get the correct approximation of the property value. As property manager or owner, you get the real status of your property.