2D floor plans are diagrams used to display the layout of a property from above. These diagrams are easy to create and effective to reveal (primarily) the walls and room layouts of a property. Unfortunately, using 2d plans alone is not enough, especially if you’re looking to visualize a new structure or building that you’re about to develop. In this case, you need to make use of 3D floor plan renderings to represent your 2D floor plan with a 3-dimensional perspective.

What exactly are 3DMyRental’s 3D floor plan renderings and what do they include? Read further to find answers to this question and a few others.

What are 3D floor plans?

Floor rendering is not a new concept in the architectural and interior design industries. It’s been around for many decades. At the time, this technology faced a lot of limitations; one of them is the computer graphics issue. Because of these issues, users couldn’t use floor renderings to achieve photorealistic images.

Thanks to the advancement in software and computing technologies, architects now take advantage of 3D tools to deliver architectural functions and provide realistic visual representations of various properties.

Unlike 2D plans, 3D floor plans make it possible for you to achieve a more visual representation of your home or property from above. As a real estate agent or realtor, 3-dimensional renderings will allow you to reach more clients, providing them with a better insight into the building layout. You’ll get to show them the windows, furniture, flooring, doors, and many more.

Types of 3D floor plan renderings

Today, many industries and individuals are taking advantage of 3-dimensional floor plans to improve their businesses. Realtors, real estate agents, investors, apartment rental companies, landlords, and property managers are some of the many people that use 3D floor plans. These renderings are available in different types. People mostly opt for the ones that suit their business.

1.   Isometric View 3D floor plans

An isometric view is one of the best ways to visualize the layout of your apartment or property. As an architect, interior designer, and real estate agent, this view will allow you to display the entire floor of your home. It makes it pretty easy for you to illustrate where various furniture items should go. You also need this view type to understand every detail of a property’s kitchen area.

2.   Top View 3D floor plans

Every floor plan that you can view from above is under the top view 3D floor plan category. This view makes it possible for you to see all areas equally on the property. As a realtor, you can always take advantage of this view for listing your real estate properties.

3.   Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s eye view 3D floor plans are not as popular as other plans on this list. Experts mostly use this view to showcase the property layout from a specific side angle. With this bird’s eye view, you can always show your clients details they can’t see from the ground level.

You can always use bird’s eye 3D renderings as maps of the terrain of various properties. In addition, you can also use these renderings to execute community-type projects, which usually include multiple properties.

How to create your 3D renderings?

3DMyRental is one of the most reliable design companies you can trust for various types of plans. This company offers unique 3D rendering services at affordable prices. All you need is to make an order of the type of 3D floor plan renderings you want and provide details regarding your property.

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