We get it, there are way too many mobile app designing tools on the internet. It’s really important to choose the right plug-ins and tools while developing an app as it makes the work much easier, especially if you don’t have a tech background and don’t know how to code. But if you’re creating an app for the first time, it’s not an easy task to choose the best ones out of the bunch.

So we decided to compile a list of the best plug-ins and mobile app tools to use in 2022. All the tools listed here have been used and tested by thousands of users and developers.

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Here are the top 8 plug-ins to use in 2022 to create a successful app

  1. Swing2App 

This has to be one of the quickest and most efficient plugins for creating apps. This plugin not only assists non-coders in creating their own app, but it also assists them in constructing and testing their app 24 hours a day. The plugin is compatible with all systems and supports a variety of platforms.

  1. WebView

You must have had this experience with some of the apps you use on a regular basis – you click a link within the app and it takes you to a third-party web browser which takes a long time to load and pulls you away from the whole experience of the app itself. This is inconvenient, and it’s something you should bear in mind if you’re creating an app in 2022. Webview allows you to link to websites while preserving the feel of a native app.

  1. Optimized Format Media RSS Feed

A problem a lot of new developers face is related to the proper optimization of the app. Different elements of the apps need to be added, but if not implemented correctly, it can hurt the performance of the app. And as its name suggests, this plug-in will automatically optimize the content for your media RSS feed for you.

  1. YouTube 

It’s obvious that adding video content can make your app much more interactive and hence successful. Using the YouTube plugin, you can add your YouTube channel to your app. It’s one of the most straightforward methods for including video content in your app. Any video you upload to your channel will be instantly made available on your app. Your users will have instant access to your most recent videos directly in your app.

  1. Home Page Grid Layout

A well-developed home page ensures regular traffic on your app. Having a professional-looking home page is necessary for making your app a hit. This plug-in helps you build a fully customized home page tailored to your needs and requirements. This free plug-in makes it really easy to design a home page grid layout that is as simple or complex as you need it to be.

  1. Drip Notification

This tool is designed for sending push notifications to the users of your app. The plug-in targets app users that haven’t checked out the app in some time. You can customize the time after which the notification needs to be triggered. You can also use it to draw the attention of your users to a particular feature of your app.

  1. Text WYSIWYG

The importance of the written text element of an app is often underestimated by app designers. And not just the text, but the placement and formatting of that text also impact the user experience and hence the success of an app. This free and versatile tool lets you add perfect text elements to your app. And not just that, it also offers options to add videos, forms, as well as images to your app.

  1. Cascade Gallery

Cascade Gallery allows you to display your photographs with five custom rings encircling them. Your image is transformed into a personalized gallery or album of responsive photographs with smooth transitions. The visual components of your app including photos are really important. Cascade Gallery is not free though and costs $19.99.


We hope all these plug-ins help you create the perfect app for your business in 2022. If you’re planning to develop and launch your own app in 2022, then outsourcing the app development work can be the most viable option for you. 

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