If investment management has always fascinated you, then the CFA course is the perfect option for you. In this article, you will get the CFA course explained along with some eminent details that you should know. 

To start with, the first question is what is the CFA course

Chartered Financial Analyst is the full form of the CFA course. The course takes the students to a dream career of an investment banker. While the CFA course is one of the most reputed accounting programs, it is not as easy to crack the exam as it seems. 

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Important Points about the CFA Course

Before we get the CFA course explained, here are some essential points to know and keep in mind because the CFA exam is much different from any other accounting exam in India. 

  • To pass the CFA exam and get certified, candidates must pass all three levels of CFA.
  • CFA exams are conducted four times a year and candidates can appear in them as per their convenience. 
  • Students will learn everything about investment management in the CFA course.

CFA Course Syllabus

To get the CFA course explained, it is essential to know the syllabus first. The CFA module is divided into three levels. There are 10 topics on which the CFA course focuses. However, the knowledge and intensity of these topics increase with each level. The subjects that the candidates need to cover in the CFA course are:

  • Ethical and Professional Standards
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Economics
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Equity Investments
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Investments
  • Portfolio management and Wealth Planning

CFA Course Exam

All the CFA-level exams are conducted in two parts. Both the parts take place in a single day with an interval in between. The total duration of both the exams is 4 hours and 24 minutes, equally divided into both parts. So, each exam will have a duration of 2 hours and 12 minutes. 

While the exam duration is the same for all the exam levels, the question pattern is different in each level. 

For the CFA Level 1 exam, the candidates will have to answer all the MCQ questions within the given duration. The CFA Level 2 exam is also conducted in MCQ format but here the questions will be based on given vignettes. 

Now, for the CFA Level 3 exam, candidates will have to answer a combination of essay-like questions and MCQ questions based on vignettes. 

In all the levels, candidates will have to achieve a minimum of 70% to pass the exam. 

CFA Course Fee Structure and Scholarship

While understanding the CFA course details in India, one of the most important elements to know is the fee structure and the scholarships. The enrollment fee for the CFA course is $450. Now, the candidates need to pay for the exam registration depending upon the time they are registering. For example, a candidate who is registering early has to pay $700 while someone who is registering late will have to pay $1450. 

Apart from this CFA course fee amount, candidates will have to pay the coaching fee amount depending upon which coaching center they are enrolling in. 

The CFA institute motivates each student to take up the course by offering several scholarship options. So, while understanding the CFA course, also check these scholarship options. 

  • Access Scholarship:

This scholarship offers aid to those individuals who are not financially capable of affording the CFA course fees. To avail of the scholarship, the candidate must qualify by writing an essay on a topic provided by the institute to prove the necessary capabilities. Also, the candidate must present the family’s income statement to prove the low financial condition. 

  • Women’s Scholarship:

Under this scholarship program, women can enroll in the course with a much-reduced registration fee of $350. Only those women can avail this scholarship who are not eligible for any other scholarship programs offered by the CFA institute. 

  • Student Scholarship:

Students who are a part of a university that is affiliated with the CFA institute can apply for the Student Scholarship. Of course, such students also have to fulfill all other standard eligibility criteria for the CFA course. 

  • Professor Scholarship:

A professor from a background in economics, finance, or business can avail of this scholarship if s/he trains the candidates according to the Candidate Body of Knowledge module of the CFA program. 

  • Regulator Scholarship:

This scholarship is for those candidates who work as financial regulators, or in similar profiles. Candidates cannot apply for this scholarship directly. An organization is responsible for selecting suitable candidates and offering their names for the scholarship. 


The CFA course is a perfect program for those who are finishing their graduation and have a nag in the field of investment management. Enrolling in the right coaching like Zell will help in smoothing the registration and certification process for CFA.