Medical facilities have to juggle multiple tasks on a daily basis to keep their processes efficient. For example, healthcare professionals need to manage various administrative, clinical, and processes, while also making sure that their patients are receiving the best possible quality of care. Having access to a relevant electronic medical records software can help providers tackle these daily challenges and stay on top of patient needs. Healthcare organizations, whether solo clinics or large hospitals, can utilize these technology-driven products to develop and grow as fast as possible. One highly appreciated healthcare IT product that can help you take a lot of burden off your front-office staff is Healthpac medical billing software. In this piece, we will go about the top features that make this product one of the best in its industry.

Healthpac medical billing & practice management software

Healthpac medical software offers a robust of solutions to streamline billing workflows and practice management. This cloud-based software solution is suitable for healthcare practices of all sizes and types. Many healthcare providers and billing companies are relying on Healthpac medical billing and practice management systems to automate their daily practice tasks. It offers a Health Level 7 interface to let users customize workflows, screen layouts, and permissions. Overall, the software is user-friendly and can be easily implemented.

Healthpac includes a comprehensive range of automated reporting and appointment scheduling capabilities. Available both on cloud and on-premises, the software securely stores patient healthcare information, streamlines the claims submission process, accepts co-pays, and collects payment information. You can keep track of your entire revenue cycle with its powerful set of inclusions.

This medical billing and practice management solution comes with a variety of features, such as payment processing, invoice history, remittance advice, denial management, and more. On top of this, it allows healthcare professionals to generate reports that can be exported into various formats, including MS Word, email, PDF, and text. Healthpac’s medical billing suite helps clinicians in developing an in-house collection system by electronically processing claims and generating different reports. Healthpac software is best emr for ophthalmology .

Top Healthpac software features you need to know about

The health IT product comes with a comprehensive suite of Healthpac software features that enable practitioners to streamline day-to-day clinical, administrative, and billing processes. Here we have tracked down the ones that have received multiple positive mentions from users.

  1. Medical billing

The medical billing solution of Healthpac helps users take care of their entire revenue cycle. They can streamline the billing cycle, including patient demographics entry, patient scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, coding, and charge posting. It minimizes denials and maximizes claim approvals with claim scrubbing, claim tracking, and denial management, so you can optimize your practice revenue. You can easily check insurance claims to detect errors before submitting them. Moreover, the software sends e-claims through its clearinghouse to maximize claim approvals. You can also manage claims with personalized guidelines for various specialties and insurance providers. Overall, this feature is designed to make sure that you get reimbursed quickly.

  1. Analytics report

Analytics reports are crucial for any healthcare organization as they comprehensively present data from all aspects of a practice. This includes data from practice performance, patient care, revenue cycle, and quality measures. You can use this powerful feature to get actionable insights with custom dashboards and drill down into the specificities of data. In addition, you can leverage its predictive analytics to proactive actions. Schedule a Healthpac software demo if you want to try out this feature in real-time.

  1. Patient scheduling

Healthpac medical billing and practice management software makes the process of scheduling patient appointments a breeze. You can accommodate your patients by tracking provider schedules with real-time updates. Healthpac software reviews also laud this feature for helping practices improve their workflows and streamline their day-to-day tasks. It utilizes advanced technology to optimize your entire patient scheduling process. Not only this, but your patients can also schedule their own visits online with the help of this feature. It also allows you to reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders to your patients. All in all, this tool is designed to improve your employee productivity and make sure that no one is double-booked.

  1.  Insurance eligibility verification

There’s no way that you can minimize denials without having access to a robust insurance eligibility feature. Healthpac medical software provides insurance eligibility services to help clinicians carry out their billing processes efficiently. You can use this feature to get essential information like copays and deductibles, as well as get instant eligibility findings. The feature allows you to find out if a patient is covered by their insurance for a particular service. Alongside this, it helps providers save time and resources eliminating the need to communicate directly with insurance providers in order to verify a patient’s insurance eligibility status.

  1. Radiology workflow management

The software’s radiology workflow management system is designed to handle all aspects of patient imaging. Key functionalities of this feature include HL7 integration with picture archiving and communication module (PACS), insurance eligibility verification, and a document management module. This feature alone makes this Healthpac software pricing worth it. Healthpac software reviews also appreciate this feature for its usability.

Healthpac software pricing & demo

The provider does not give a ballpark estimate of its EMR pricing. You can request the vendor to get a price quote for your healthcare facility. Not only this, but you can also avail the option of booking a Healthpac software demo to evaluate most of its features in real-time.