Are you tired of shopping at new estores? You might want to check out henlastore, an e-store that offers multi-utility items, cooking products, as well as clothing and accessories for women. This e-store makes shopping easier for customers.

Henlastore, an online marketplace located in the United States. Cardio training, camping, sports, pet equipment’s, bathroom accessories, etc. These products can be found in the official store. You can also find a wide range of brand products and items on the estore.

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The henlastore features a brand new collection of fitness equipment and cutlery for men and women, cookware, hiking and camping accessories, utensils, etc. The United States hosts the estore. Below are some of the products featured on the website. :-

  • Vibration exercise machine
  • Kettlebell
  • Electric scooter
  • Hiking bag
  • Air mattress
  • Sleep bag
  • Shoes
  • Track pants

This store is the perfect spot for multi-useable items, and users can check out with the help of Is Henlastore Legitinformation, to get exact suitable items. Online stores are available starting on 09/07/2021. Official store sells camping, hiking, and kitchen products as well clothing, shoes, accessories, and household items.


These data materials are available from the official store

  • This link helps users to reach the store.
  • Track pants, skirts, sneakers, camping tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, dryer racks, and microwaveable knives.
  • Contact email: [email protected].
  • Contact number: the official website does not contain this information
  • Henlastore reviews are not required by any review platform
  • The store address is 1927 Thurmond Mall, Suite 102 United States.
  • While the store can be linked to social handles, it does not provide any data.
  • The shipping time is between 1 and 3 days
  • Delivery time is estimated to be between 5-10 business days.
  • You can return the product within 30 days.
  • Customers can pay with Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal.
  • Over 50$, shipping costs are not applicable.


  • The products ship quickly.
  • You have multiple payment options.
  • An order tracking facility is available.
  • The exchange and return policies are quite clear.


  • Each platform is not able to provide Henlastore reviews.
  • Customer reviews are not available for products listed on the official website.
  • New customers will find it difficult to navigate the website format.
  • Please contact no. is not provided for the enquiry.

Is Henlastore legit or a scam: –

Below are some statistics that can help you to understand its legitimacy.

  • Review: This is where you can see user reviews.
  • Trust rank The website is only ranked at 1%.
  • Social Platform: While the store can be linked to social handles, there is no review information.
  • Website Review: When searching for Is Henlastore Legit we found no reviews on the web.
  • Web layout: Store design are difficult to understand.
  • Alexa rankAlexa has not provided any result regarding the store due to a lack of users on the site and a very low recognition of the website.
  • Website registration The estore has been complete 18 days after 09-07-2021
  • Web security The web-store obtains SSL certification and HTTP security.

The website doesn’t reflect users’ interests. According to customer reviews, all products are indigent. The website’s design is not easy to navigate or understand. The website’s new appearance raises questions about its legitimacy.

Henlastore Reviews

You can find curtain hooks on the henlastore. Items and products are not reviewed on the official website. Alexa has not provided any information about the store as a result of low website recognition and a lack of users. While social media handles are available, there is no reliable data.


This website was found online 18 days ago, while we were searching Henlastore Reviews. The trust score of the store is 1%. The official store discovered that there is not enough interaction or customer reviews. This is where the legitimacy problem lies. It does not collect information from online review sites and Alexa rank is also not determined. This shows that this website is a fraud.