Online security, privacy, and data protection is the ultimate goal and necessity of every entrepreneur, business, organization, or company. 

The company’s personal information or business data is essential in helping it grow, and the last thing a business wants is for that information to get into the wrong hands. This is why many businesses invest heavily in various online security tools. 

With many businesses incorporating remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s an online security solution that can easily and reliably protect the employees, data, and the entire company from hackers. 

Yes, we are talking about virtual private networks. The most secure, reliable, and trustworthy online security tool for any company is to keep their data private, encrypted, and out of the wrong hands. 

But, acquiring a virtual private network for every employee, department, or station can sometimes be a little bit costly. Therefore, several companies regularly watch various VPN deals these service providers offer. 

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With so many virtual private networks available online, sometimes it can be a real problem to find the perfect match for your company. Therefore, we decided to bring you the best virtual private network today and its incredible VPN deal for your company’s security. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

The Incredible VPN Deal

If you are looking for a strong, robust, encrypted, reliable, and trustworthy virtual private network at a very affordable price, then you should check out Surfshark. 

Surfshark’s currently offering its ultimate, turbo, super, jaw-dropping HOLIDAY special VPN deal of 83% off VPN deal + 3 months FREE. 

Meaning, you can subscribe to Surfshark’s twenty-four months plan for just $2.21/month, and it doesn’t stop here. You will also be getting 3-months free with this subscription. 

Security and encryption

With Surfshark, your business will never have to worry about online security, privacy, and data protection. 

Like many other top-tier virtual private network providers, Surfshark utilizes military-grade AES-256-Bit encryption for encrypting your internet traffic. This technology scrambles your traffic in such a way that no one can intercept or decode it. 

When you enable a virtual private network connection, a secure and encrypted tunnel is created between your device and the destination. Nothing can penetrate this tunnel and see what is passing through it. This way, you can easily keep your sensitive data hidden and secure from the prying eyes of hackers. 

Apart from that, Surfshark’s headquarters is also operating from a safe jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands. The advantage of such a location is that it doesn’t have any mandatory data retention laws, and it is outside the jurisdiction of the 5-Eye/9-Eyes/14-Eyes countries. 

It means that even Surfshark is in the dark about what business you are conducting after connecting to the virtual private network. This type of anonymity and security is essential when you are transferring sensitive files, data, or patents anywhere in the world. 

Surfshark’s features

A virtual private network is only as strong as the number of features it offers. With Surfshark, there’s no shortage of features that make your online experience not only secure but also pleasant and smooth. 

First and foremost, Surfshark comes equipped with an Internet Kill Switch. This feature allows you to remain anonymous even if the VPN connection is disconnected due to any reason. 

When activated, Internet Kill Switch will completely shut down your whole internet connection if the VPN connection is interrupted. This will help you prevent your actual IP address and location from getting leaked online. 

Other noticeable Surfshark’s advanced features include CleanWeb and Bypasser. CleanWeb allows you to surf the internet without having to worry about ads, malware, and other various phishing attempts. 

The Bypasser features act as a splitting feature and allows you to split your connection into two parts; a VPN tunnel and a normal internet service provider connection. This way, companies can conduct their business on two different turfs simultaneously. 

Surfshark is also popular for offering unlimited simultaneous connections. This is something that only a handful of VPN providers support. 

This is an essential feature for big companies with hundreds of employees as they can purchase just a handful of Surfshark accounts and protect the entire company from hackers. 

Server location and compatibility

Surfshark offers 3200+ servers in 65 countries, all equipped with their private DNS server. This way, your internet traffic can’t be identified based on the DNS servers. 

Also, all the servers are fast 100% RAM-based servers, so the moment you are disconnected from the VPN server, the session data is eliminated, leaving no traces of you being there ever. 

Surshark is compatible with all major devices and operating systems if we talk about compatibility. Major devices supported by Surfshark include Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, VPS stations, Firestick, routers, and more. 

Final Thoughts

Whether a business, company, or startup is small or big, it always needs security and protection that only a virtual private network can deliver. 

With Surfshark’s HOLIDAY special VPN deal of 83% off VPN deal + 3 months FREE, you get online protection and an incredible budget-friendly cost.