Helocolor Reviews: Have you ever thought about buying fashionable clothes in online stores? Yes of course. Who didn’t do that?

In the world of the internet, more than half of the world’s population is dependent on it. We buy all kinds of things ranging from clothes, shoes, household items and everything!

But unfortunately not all available websites are trustworthy. Many of them are scams and so many people are tricked into buying from these scam sites and losing money as a result.

This Helocolor review will tell you if it is a scam or a legit website. At the end of this honest review, you will be able to decide whether to shop on this website or not.

This is an online store based in the United States. Trust in a new platform is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Therefore, before making any purchases on the website, check that Helocolor is legal or a scam, it is always a good idea to check this review before making your final payment.

What is Halocolor.com?

According to the website, it claims to offer the latest designer products of the highest quality. The halo color has a team of potential buyers who say they scrutinize every little detail and have very sharp eyes.

Their team works with aspiring designers and brands from all over the world. In this online store, they showcased the most creative collections as well as quite trendy and highly artisanal fashion.

This store is based in the United States. The prices seem quite reasonable.

If we are talking about their contact details, only their email ID is mentioned. There are no characters for the phone number or virtual physical address. They have their return policy which is roughly the same as other fashion online stores.

Check out Halocolor Reviews for details on the site’s policies.

Halocolor.com specifications

1. Website – https://helocolor.com/

2. Products – products related to women’s fashion, such as clothes (tops, bottoms, shapewear and others), accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc.

3. Processing time – 10-35 business days

4. Delivery – 10-35 business days

5. Email- [email protected]

6. Telephone number +1.4806242599

7. Address – Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 85260

8. Return – within 15 days from the date of delivery

9. Exchange – within 15 days from the date of delivery

10. Return Policy – The item to be returned should be completely unused and in original packaging.

11. Payment method – via PayPal.

12. Domain creation date – November 16, 2020

Halocolor.com Pros

• The site has a fairly extensive collection of women’s clothing such as tops, sleepwear, modeling outfits, jeans, scarves, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more.

• The price range is also very reasonable.

• Halocolor Reviews states that the site is relatively new and has been flagged with HTTPS, which is a good sign.

• The return and refund policy seems to be satisfactory for the customers.

• Contact information is shared.

Halocolor.com Cons

• The website raises some suspicions.

• There are no traces of any social media handles on the company’s website.

• No traces of customer feedback on the website or on the Internet.

• You can only pay via PayPal, which is not a good sign as they don’t seem to accept cards or other e-wallets.

Is Halocolor legal?

Considering all the pros and cons we have to conclude that this is a legit website. The downsides can be justified by saying that this is a relatively new site. This is probably why they did not add any reviews on their website or on Google.

The rules are quite realistic and the prices are reliable. As this is a new site, we do not recommend making an immediate purchase. The only payment option is PayPal and many people will find it quite difficult to make purchases on this site.

No reviews at all therefore no one recommends this new site for shopping.

Helocolor Reviews

The survey shows that the website does not have any customer reviews available on the internet. The site’s domain was launched a few months ago, which is a short period in which to expect reviews from customers.

Therefore, make sure the website is legitimate before making a purchase.


We’ve covered all the major advantages and disadvantages of Halocolor.com. The website’s domain is too young, so it is too early to talk about its legality.

This review solves the question of whether Halocolor is legal or a scam. We recommend that you stay away from this site until you are sure about it and ready to take the risk.

Instead, you can shop from a well-known and reputable site, rather than dropping off somewhere you can’t trust. Don’t be fooled by the prices.

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