Do we have the chance to recommend you as an uber-fashionista? Are you able to say that you like to shop? Due to your hectic schedule, do your shopping on websites that are online? A few reliable websites are accessible to assist you in your shopping.

When you were searching the web you came across Helkay and are curious about its authenticity, don’t you?

Although this site is mostly accessible for Europe, the United States of America and Germany, we must be aware of the correct Helkay reviews inbefore purchasing any item from the site. Also, make sure to read this article thoroughly and do not miss any instructions that are mentioned in the article.

What’s Helkay?

It’s a kind eCommerce website. They mostly focus on selling beauty and health products such as wigs, hair as well as men’s wigs and jewellery bags. They also offer a variety of trendy products that make you look more attractive.

Sometimes , they also offer massive discounts on their merchandise to attract buyers. The business model of this site is efficient, and they are aware of how to increase sales through discounts.

Although the website has a variety of products , and the prices are not too expensive, some have begun to ask a concern: Is Helkay Legit?


  • Type of Website: It’s an online eCommerce website.
  • URL link:
  • Type of selling The majority of them sell exclusive trendy products, kitchen utensils and other items.
  • Date of creation The domain was registered on the 21st of September, 2016. The domain’s age is greater than 5 years old.
  • E-mail ID [email protected]
  • Official address: not yet uploaded.
  • Contact Number not posted.
  • Shipping policy: It should take between 1 and four working days.
  • Return Policy: Returns must be processed in a period of (30 days).
  • Policies for Refunds: reimbursement procedure will be processed within 3-4 working days.
  • Payment option is only available through PayPal. PayPal is accessible.
  • Facebook Twitter is a social media account. Facebook Twitter is available.
  • HTTPS Certification: Yes, available.
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Benefits of this website!

  • This site has HTTPS Certification. It’s a good sign to guard buyers’ personal information.
  • The user interface is simple to understand for any generation.
  • The costs of their products are fair They also offer special discounts on their products.
  • Social media presence is readily available and makes sense to know about the activities of this site.

The disadvantages of this website!

  • The quality of packaging isn’t excellent at all
  • The official address has not been available on their website.
  • They employ complex terms for their policy component.
  • The website shares customer information to other providers of services.

Is Helkay Legit?

  • Domain Creation Date: The Domain date of the website is over five years old. The website was launched on September 21, 2016. It is an operational website.
  • Social Media Presence They do have social media icons, however the hyperlinks to these icons aren’t functioning. In simple words, it contains broken links.
  • Review of customer: Yes reviews are posted about this website on the internet. However, no one has written reviews on this site.
  • Trust score: Based on our investigation into Helkay Reviews,we discovered that they have an average trust score of 40%. That isn’t a bad score. It is safe to trust this site.
  • Alexa ranking: While the trust score for this website is high, unfortunately there is no Alexa ranking is available for this site.
  • Policies information All types of policies are listed clearly on this site.
  • Contact Information Contact Information: Yes, contact information is on this site however they have yet to provide their email address.
  • Certification: Yes it is possible to obtain certification. is on offer on this website. SSL (also known as HTTPS) is mostly utilized to safeguard when making a purchase.

Helkay Review!

We found out that clients are satisfied with the website. We also came across a number of positive reviews on the internet.

Many have said that the site offers reputable products. The site has positive feedback. About 75% of customers give five stars to their reviews.

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NOTE: This website is currently inactive, but we get information from other websites with a good reputation.

Final Verdict:

However, the trust score of this site has an average score of 40%..

We advise our readers to wait until the score for trust on a website is over 50% before analyzing all legitimacy indicators.

What do you think of the legitimacy question on this website? Send us your feedback in the comments section below.