Being in the tobacco business is getting harder. Because, the competition is only growing with the passage of time. However, as someone in trade, the question arises. How do you make it big in the market? The answer is way simpler than you think. It lies in cigar boxes. To clarify, these cigar boxes are available at wholesale prices. They are cost-effective. Thus, wholesale cigar boxes are cheaper than one thinks.

However, before moving on, one must know about a cigar. To simply put, a cigar is a roll. Additionally, the roll comprises of tobacco leaves. Thus, people use these leaves for smoking. Cigars have a proper storage technique. Hence, one must look into it. Cigars must store at 21°C. In hot conditions, they rot. Furthermore, poor humidity leads to cigar beetles and mould. Thus, it is harmful to store at high temperatures with low humidity. Hence, one must care while storing it. Otherwise, they will rot. Leading to loss of money.

Moreover, there is also a trick to cutting a cigar. Or else, the whole design damages and the wrappers become scattered. For this purpose, one might use a cigar cutter. Sometimes, many cigar boxes, different than cigar humidors, come with these cutters. Thus, you get an extra accessory which is a necessity.

Now, let’s have a look at the many parts that come together to make a cigar. These include: 1)the filler 2) the binder leaf 3) wrapper leaf. Out of these, wrapper leaf is the most costly. It should be uniform, elastic and strong. Often times, cigar companies’ logos are present on the cigar boxes as well. Since many companies are competing these days, it is vital to have a face of your own. Hence, a logo is a necessity.

Many times, cigars tend to get mixed with cigarettes. Now, let’s have a look at their differences. In short, cigar is not the same as cigarettes. Firstly, carrying a cigar signifies eliteness and classiness. Whereas, cigarettes are addictive. Nevertheless, both carry the same harms to the body. Secondly,a cigar has an outer wrapper. This wrapper is tobacco based. Such is not the case for cigarettes. Most importantly,  both carry different nicotine composition. Cigar has more nicotine than cigarettes.

In addition to this, cigars come in various shapes and sizes. For example, panetala. This is about 5 inches long and thin shape. Moreover, cheroot is also present in the market. It is thicker and slightly tampered at the sides. Wiff is a small cigar, which is open at both ends. There are others as well. For instance, corona, Lonsdale, londres. Thus, custom cigar boxes allows you to have various shapes and types at your disposal. With custom cigar boxes wholesale , it is easier to purchase the type of cigar you desire.

After looking at various aspects, now, let’s look into its manufacturing. Before jumping onto that, knowing the raw materials is very important. So, let’s see that first. The principle raw material is a tobacco plant. The tobacco plant can grow in a variety of climate. However, the best ones are present in Cuba, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. With custom cigar boxes wholesale services,  it is easier to choose your own raw material. Thus, you choose what suits you.  Hence, cigar boxes wholesale are very ideal for purchase. They let you monitor the raw material used. Thus, there is great transparency when purchasing custom cigar boxes.

Moving on, let’s dive into its manufacturing. Broken leaves come to use as fillers. A large whole leaf is set aside for the binder. Lastly, the most finely textured large whole leaf comes to use as the outside wrapper. There is a need for secondary material as well. For instance, flavouring agents and tasteless gums.

Moving on! Firstly, tobacco plants transplant in a field for 2-2.5 months. Additionally, they have a protective cloth.  Custom cigar boxes let you have the opportunity to choose your own seeds and spot for transplantation. Thus, wholesale cigar boxes are more ideal than they seem. Secondly, after harvest, leaves are curring. In this, leaves turn to brownish yellow colour. They hang on laths in curring barn farms.

Afterwards, leaves are sorted for each component of a cigar. Then, leaves are set for fermentation. They are tied in bundles. They stay in here for months to years. Meanwhile, they develop characteristic aroma and textures. Then, main stem from the filler leaves gets removed by hand or by machine. Otherwise, the cigar will not burn at all. Once this happens, the cigars are rolled by hand or machine.

These days the competition is tough in the market. One must ensure that best wholesale cigar boxes land in one’s hands. Thus, leaving the customer wanting for more. So, let’s see what is the significance of availing custom cigar boxes wholesale services.

Customisation is the new revolution

Many times, customisation is look down upon. However, this must change. Because, it helps you have the right to monitor the raw material. It allows you to go the best markets in the world. And, let’s you make the decision of choosing wherever fits you. You can decide your own prints and designs. Additionally, you can select your own colour combos. Having a logo is a necessity with so many competitors in the market. Thus, choosing the best is vital.

Cost effectiveness of cigar boxes

Cigar boxes wholesale are cost friendly. In short, you can purchase bulk quantity at wholesale prices. Often times, people think it is expensive. On the contrary, it helps save tons of money. You have the free pass to go through each and every market. Thus, your monetary needs get catered for.

Biodegradable material used for cigar boxes wholesale

Pollution is an undeniable reality. Everyday, millions of living creatures suffer form its harms. It is upon ourselves to do something about this. Thus, for this reason, cigar boxes use biodegradable material. For instance, kraft paper. It is ecologically friendly. Thus, leaving no waste materials behind. It gets decomposed and can recycle easily. Additionally, kraft is more durable, thick and strong. Resulting in more durable cigar boxes. Consequently, the cigars inside are protected against harms of the outside world. And, thus, remain safe.