People install heat pumps in their homes to keep the temperature moderate and make the environment comfortable during the chilly winter days and nights. But on many occasions, they don’t get the desired results and start having issues during and after heat pump installation

The issues homeowners might face are divided into phases; one is the issues you might face during and the second after the installation.

Heat Pump Installation Problems You Might Face

When you are preparing to install heat pumps in your house, you must know the problem faced and the reasons behind them. According to HVAC experts, minimum issues after installation will occur when pre-installation issues are avoided.

  1. The selection of heat pumps has to be according to the size of the house. Another point that homeowners have to consider is the number of rooms that will need heating and hot water. The size of the heat pump is often smaller compared to the number of rooms.
  2. Some factors affect the perfect installation of heat pumps. For example, the size of the house, local climate, number of windows, and location affect the insulation. If the temperature preference of the people living in a house is not considered, the heat pumps might not work properly.
  3. People often complain that the heat pump is not giving the right amount of hot air; despite doing everything right. When the installation team of North Georgia heating and air company investigated, they discovered that the heat pump’s outdoor unit was installed in the wrong place. The heat pump was placed in an open area where snow and ice were constantly falling on the unit. 
  4. This situation occurs when homeowners try to install the heat pump themselves. They might get confused with the installation steps or use the wrong tools to fix the heat pump. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you have to hire professional installers to do the installation in the right way.

Post-Installation Issues You Come Across

Many people think that once you have installed a heat pump, you don’t have to worry about anything till the heat pump lives out its life. But issues develop when pre-installation problems are not solved, as discussed above. When you have hired professional heat pump installers, including Wayne’s Heating and Air, they tell about the following issues that might occur after installation.

Heat Pumps are Not Working

There are several reasons why a heat pump is not working. These include improper installation processes, the size of the heat pump being inappropriate, and not considering factors that affect selecting the right type. When these three important pre-installation issues are resolved, you can rest assured that the heat pump will work properly.

Strange Noises and Smells are Coming Constantly

When the heat pump is not properly maintained and cleaned, molds, insect infestation, and animal invasion can foul smells. The strange sounds in the heat pumps can result from an electric issue, or the parts become loose.

Overuse of the Heat Pump

During the winter months, the heat pumps are used most of the time. But this doesn’t mean that you have to overuse it as the parts can overheat and stop working. A heat pump not working in the winter months is painful because you will not be able to get hot water, and the temperature in the house will not be comfortable.

Blocked Filters of Heat Pumps

Another issue that homeowners face is that the heat in the house is not distributed evenly. The main reason that HVAC experts explain is the filters of the heat pumps are not clean. They become clogged, and the air does not reach every house corner.

Interruption of the Power Supply

There are two main reasons for the interruption of the power supply. The main supply is the disturbance in electricity, and the internal connection of the heat pump parts is not connected properly. If you are experiencing short-cycling, you should ensure that the heat pump is getting the power uninterrupted.

Frozen Outdoor Unit

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph that when the outside unit of a heat pump is placed in the wrong place, then ice and snow can gather on it. This can freeze the outdoor unit, which might be why the heat pump does not work.

These are the reasons and issues you can face pre and post-heat pump installation. The intention of installation companies to mention these issues is to make people aware of them; so that you are prepared to make the right decision.

Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand the heat pump installation issues better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the installation challenges of heat pumps?

The following are some of the challenges you could encounter during heat pump installation.

  1. Selecting the wrong size of a heat pump.
  2. Not considering the local climate.
  3. Not studying rooms and the size of the house. 
  4. The outdoor unit is installed in the open area.
  5. The process of installation is disrupted.

Why would a heat pump cool but not heat?

When the thermostat setting is wrong, the filters are dirty, refrigerants and ducts are leaking, malfunctioning of reversing valve and the outdoor unit has frozen; then the heat pump will not throw heat.

Why is my heat pump not kicking on?

The main reasons the heat pumps are not kicking on are damaged parts of indoor and outdoor units and malfunctioning of the thermostat and circuit breaker.