Do you need a reliable way to purchase your favourite equipment and devices? But, take a moment to study this article to discover its real-world aspect.

The e-commerce platform can help customers to go through the purchase process in a very efficient manner. Furthermore, as per sources, a number of United Kingdom websites permit users to purchase items however, they are not identical.

We have examined a number of websites in our article to evaluate their quality Therefore we will provide Hazoo Review in this post. Therefore, make sure to read all the necessary information here.


It’s an e-commerce website which offers products in various categories, from home decors to kitchen appliances. Furthermore, through the use of technology, they’ve created a list of prices to help shoppers choose the perfect product.

But, they have said that their culture has a tremendous growth as time passes, while also allowing individuals to join their own. If you’re interested in more details about the culture take a look below.

Mentioning The Vital Details Of The Portal

  • The address mentioned is 18-20 London Ln. London E8 3PR. This is to help us to determine ‘ Is Hazoo Legit?
  • According to the study according to the study, social media icons are not present.
  • A variety of items such as small appliances, mobile phones and more. are listed.
  • The site has been online for 9 months, 14 days when the date of its registration is the 06th April 2021.
  • The number that is calling is not present.
  • The item can be returned and get it replaced after 30 days.
  • will be the address address to reach the company.
  • Some of the products that are custom-designed aren’t eligible for return or exchange.
  • Amazon Payments, VISA, Apple Pay, PayPal are the payment options.
  • In the Hazoo Reviews stated that they permit the exchange of goods.
  • The store’s URL is
  • The shipping policy isn’t stated.
  • You can receive their latest sales news via an email option.
  • They will send the parcels in 30 days.

Superiorities Found

  • A newsletter option is offered.
  • The address of the firm and its mailing address are noted.
  • We’ve estimated the user’s reactions to Trustpilot.

What Damages Are Seen On The Website?

  • Social icons are not as prominent.
  • The number is not available.
  • The trust rank of the site as well as score is 21.7/100 and 33 percent.

Is Hazoo Legit?

  • Social Network ConnectionsSocial networks aren’t accessible.
  • Trust RankA small amount of value can be discovered for the site.
  • Client’s ReactionThe reactions of the items are not accessible on this site. However, on Trustpilot there is only negative reviews available with the explanation that it’s an apex scam.
  • Portal’s Expiry Date:06 April 2024 will be the website’s end date.
  • Alexa Rank AlexaRank No value was discovered.
  • Policies referencedPolicies citedSome policies aren’t referenced.
  • Site’s Age –the portal was established on the 06th April 2021. This means that it is 9 months and 14 days old.
  • Location’s RealityAccording the Hazoo Review the address is legitimate, however there is a different office.
  • Trust Score – The33 percent value is calculated from the site.
  • Founder’s Information-The owner’s details are an error.
  • Duplicity DiscoveredThe plagiarism was discovered for the content of the website.

How Are Consumers Replying?

After analyzing the site and analyzing the reviews, we’ve not found any clustered reviews on the site because, on the website there are no reviews available. No feedback is received from any of the portals, however the Trustpilot site, which reviews websites, has only received an 2.6 rating.

In addition, Trustpilot has gained four negative Hazoo reviews which pointed out the negative side of the online store. We uncovered an individual who stated that is fraudulent and advised people to beware of it when shopping. Additionally, a customer has stated openly that collaborates with other websites using their office space in order to swindle specific audiences.

A user’s Trustpilot comment has been discovered that the site’s About Us section is entirely copied from another website.


In this article in this post, in this article, the Hazoo reviews will be highlighted so that you can help you understand the real-world implications of an online website. The thorough examination of Furthermore, on Trustpilot the customers have stated that the site is a fraud with an average of 2.6 rating.