Want to know if you data or personal information are secure from online threats. This is what you need to know. These are just some of the questions you might have. You can do it with the Have I Been Pwned Site. But, is Haveibeenpwned Legit. To find its legitimacy, people from the United States or other regions are searching. You can check it out.

Is it legit?

  • Registration Day: November 13, 2013 is the registration date for I Been Pwned. It’s quite old.
  • Registration:1API GmbH, is the registrar.
  • Trust count: This shop had a trust count of ninety percent, which is both reasonable and substantial.
  • Social Media: Based on 23 reviews, we found a Facebook Page that was awarded 4.7/5 Ratings.
  • Customer Reviews:Online websites have posted 2.9/5 ratings and mixed comments.
  • Expiry Day: It will end on November 13, 2026.

Haveibeenpwned Username

In August 2017, the password system was launched to protect users’ personal data. It had created 306 millions passwords to assist users. For the website to be accessed, users need to enter a username/password. You can choose your own password from the list, and you can reuse it as many as you wish. It’s risky to repeatedly use the same password. They recommend that you always create a new password. Hackers can take advantage of the reused credentials and automate your login to your account.

Features determined Haveibeenpwned Legit

Although we have all the details about this website verified, many users have shared their experiences online. They have used this site for a while. This website offers many features such as:

  • It prevents online hacking.
  • The primary purpose of this site is to offer internet security and determine if your data has been compromised or leaked.
  • It provided the “Notify Me” service for future breaches’ notifications.
  • 2014 saw the introduction of a new function which automatically added new data to HIBP’s database.

Download a list Passwords

Millions of passwords were created by The Hunt for the public. Haveibeenpwned Legit explains that you can download a list passwords via the web search. The official portal can be accessed to view the list. Passwords can easily be created and stored with unique characters such SHA-1. Now, you can securely store your credentials.


The website looks authentic and was established many years ago. To check if the account has been compromised, you can use this website.

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