“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

If you desire success in every aspect of your life like career or health goals or so on, you need motivation. Without motivation to do things, it is hard to stay on a difficult path. Motivation and inspiration though is an elusive thing, and sometimes you are motivated to do a lot of things, sometimes you don’t.

There are days when no matter how hard you try; you cannot write a single word or design a single page or code or workout. No matter how much you push yourself, it simply doesn’t happen.

What can you do in such a situation? Do you give up? Certainly not! When you feel like you are lacking motivation, you need to start making some changes to your life. Quick changes in your day to day life and attitude can help you stay motivated and achieve tons of success.

1.      Find your purpose

If you are looking for motivation to get success in any area, you need to know the purpose behind it. For instance, if you are working out hard, and you require working pout? Is it to lose weight or to gain muscle or remain fit or so ire motivation for the same, first ask why are you doing this? What purpose do you want to achieve?

When you know your reason behind doing something, it is easy to motivate yourself better.

2.      Make your environment positive and motivational

To continuously motivate yourself, you need to surround yourself with positive people and the environment. For example, make motivational posters using Canva and hang them in your home and office. Whenever you feel unmotivated, look at them, and those words will help you get your motivation back.

Similarly, your support system- the people in your life needs to be encouraging and not discouraging. If you are working on a blog, and your family and friends are always criticizing you or pass negative comments, it can de-motivate you. So, find people who understand the value of what you are doing, and support, and provide you with encouragement and constructive criticism.

3.      Work on your past, present, and the future

A lot of times, the tense plays an important part in our life. You may feel unmotivated in the present if that happens, remember the past. A beautiful memory from the past like how you felt when you begin your journey can help you feel better. Or think about the future.

Similarly, sometimes a memory or thoughts of an uncertain future can make you worry and discourage you. Remind yourself to live in the present, work on making it better, and you will find the motivation to work hard, and achieve success.

4.      Don’t define the work as ‘hard work’

A lot of times the project we are working on seems hard because we believe it is or we make it that way. If you keep thinking of the work as hard work, it will be difficult to motivate yourself to work on it.

Instead, think of it as the next step in doing something that pushes your career in the right direction. It works for fitness goals too. If you think of working out or eating healthy as a hard option, you will never be able to do it.

5.      Read a lot

You may find it weird because you want to motivate yourself, and how can reading help? Doesn’t it take time out of your schedule that you can put into working hard? Well, it does help, as it takes your mind off the task, relaxes you, and when you return to work, you are more focused and motivated.

So, read every day for an hour or so. Start small, and read motivational books, fiction, autobiographies, and so on. Every book teaches you something.

6.      Choose words carefully

If you use words like have, must, or should, it will make it hard for you to motivate yourself. Instead, use choose, to empower yourself. Choosing the right words can make a big difference.

7.      Pay heed to your body

You will lack motivation if your body and mind are exhausted. So, have a proper eating, sleeping, meditation, and exercise routine. Don’t skip on them because you want to achieve success.

It will only lower your energy and when you are low on fuel, motivation won’t hit you.

Everyone is different, and what motivates you can be different from what motivates others. Find your golden egg, and work on it.