Tipis were originally designed as an easy set-up which can be put up and taken down easily and quickly. This allowed for camps to be set up for emergencies like the influx of refugees, migrants, or disaster situations. Tipis in earlier days were made of animal skin which would be set up by a wooden pole. With the extensive use of tipis today, they are also made of synthetic fibres and waterproof fabrics to make sure that they can be used for a long time and also be used in rainy weather. It is also lighter in weight and easier to carry. 

Tipis are set up using wooden poles today also. It is used for purposes beyond emergencies. It can look anything from simple to extravagant with everything else in between. Whatever and however a tipi is asked to be set up, it’s possible in that exact way. 

Significance Of Hiring a Tipi For Parties

Any celebration requires a lot of planning and also a budget. Staying within the budget while also getting everything according to the plan is very difficult. You want everything to look extravagant while also being affordable. That sounds like a dream but it’s possible with us. We not only provide the perfect outdoor setup but also packages that are well within your budget. That dream becomes reality. 

Birthdays are an integral part of our life. Something that comes once a year needs a celebration. Whether you decide to have an intimate function or an extravagant one with many guests, a celebration is a must. However, if you decide to do something out of the ordinary with it then why not have an outdoor function? A fun gala for just you and your family and friends in an outdoor setting built by us. 

If you are celebrating your birthday, do it a little special this time. Make a change in the usual way of doing it. Instead, hire a tipi to have a splendid outdoor function. 

A Stunning Teepee Hire for birthday Far North Queensland is available with us. 

The basic advantages of hiring a tipi are:-

  • Open airy space
  • Countryside landscape
  • Customisation
  • A unique and unusual venue
  • Outdoor activities and games
  • Variety of themes. 

These advantages are a must to entice you to try going outdoors once. If you are interested in being at an advantage while choosing a venue get your Giant Tipi Hire for Weddings Far North Queensland by contacting us. 

Inspire your guests to go for the extraordinary by choosing an outdoor celebration too by hiring a tipi. We will build you the venue beyond your imagination. 

Surprise your friends or parents by hiring a tipi to celebrate their birthday or any special day. They will surely be blown away by the set-up. This will definitely be the greatest surprise they will never forget and the best gift you could give them. That is of course apart from being a part of their life.