Call center software: One can’t deny with ease and effortlessness that a call center brings to business communication. Whether it’s offering a unified communication platform to the customers or having a centralized workplace for teams across the globe. A call center has done all of this and beyond without any hassle. 

The significance of a call center is so much in the business success that you can’t achieve without having comprehensive call center software at your disposal. When the concept of call center came into being, on-site deployment was the only way out.

But, times have changed. With the use of the latest cloud telephony, you can run a fully-fledged call center from the comfort of your home. During this pandemic time, their usage has increased drastically. This enables a business to save a fortune on infrastructure and set-up.  

In-fact cloud-based call centers have helped businesses to reduce operational costing burden by 28% in just the first year of deployment. If you are also planning to set-up a home-based call center then refer these points in beforehand. 

●       Define your key objectives 

Before you want to move any further, understanding your key objectives is important. Find out whether you need a home-based call center for telemarketing or an extension of your already existing call center.

 If you are going to use a home-based call center for cold calling or telemarketing. then you must buy outbound call center software. However, if you want to support your already existing call center then buying inbound call center software will be a good choice. 

●       Set a budget 

 Cost plays an important role in every business. Hence, understanding your business needs. And investment available at your disposal is the second most crucial move on the road of home-based call center set-up. 

Try to gather quotes from multiple vendors and make a comprehensive comparison between all of them. Keep note of which are asking high investments but keeping the incurring expenses low. And make your final decision based upon the maximum offerings and lowest investment. 

●       Choose the right cloud phone system

The very first key aspect of a home-based call center is a cloud phone system. Because it is what allows your agents to work from any remote location. In this type of telephony system, all the telephony equipment is already deployed on the cloud. And your agents can log in to the system and start making/receiving calls from any of the data-driven devices. It is as easy as it sounds. 

Now the key to gain access to all these benefits is to choose the right cloud phone system. You must understand that a system with flexible pricing, great user-friendliness, and various integration is the best one. 

Alongside this, you should make sure that your online phone number comes with multiple Sales and CRM integration. And can connect with the rest of the business tools easily. With such a well-integrated system, you will be able to collaborate with the other team members regardless of their location. 

●       Pay attention to the features 

If you want to ensure that you are making the most out of your call center software investment. And never let the workflow hamper just because your team is out of your sight. Paying attention to some of the key feature sets is imperative. 

 There are many call center software features that enable a manager to track the employees’ performance from miles apart. For example, you have call barging. Using this feature, a manager can be a part of a two-way conversation and see how an agent is handling the customer call. So, make sure you are getting all such a remote-monitoring features with your call center software. Some of the key features are: 

Call Monitoring

Helps a manager to check quality call handling. 

Call Analysis

Information like how many calls have been answered by a particular agent. And how many issues have been resolved will be taken care of by this feature.

Global connect –

If you are setting-up a home-based call center in a different time-zone then this feature is what you need for sure. It enables a business to find out the right calling time.

●       Never ignore the pre-installation training 

Though cloud telephony comes with a very user-friendly interface and can be operated easily. One should never ignore the need for pre-installation training for your team members. Before you start setting up the home-based call center.

This training helps employees to meet all the work ethics even when they are not inside a particular office periphery. As work from home has become the new trend, HSBC has given permanent work from home to their call center staff.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you will have a successful. And hassle-free home-based call center deployment at your disposal. The more detailed will be the deployment, the easier it will be to operate. Once the deployment is successful. No one can ever stop you to offer detailed, attentive. And responsive customer service while keeping the running cost as minimum as possible.