Are you open to online shopping? Are you happy to shop online for your favourite and most wanted items? However, with your curiosity about purchasing, you also worry about fraud and fake websites that scam people. This is the place for you.

Today, we will be discussing a newly established website through the medium if an article. You will learn all about the legitimacy checks of this website.

People in the United States would be interested to learn more about Hapyyer. This is why we will cover all points related to Hapyyer Reviews. Stay tuned.

What’s Hapyyer Website All About?

Hapyyer, an online shop, seems to offer a wide range of products such as Electronics, Sports, Housewares, Tools, and more. They also seem to be very affordable. However, this could be a trap for customers to take their attention.

It is important to also check the specifications for this website. They will allow you to get a better look at it and help you make a decision about its legitimacy.


  • Domain Registration – This website was registered on July 8, 2021. It is possible that Hapyyer Legit was the domain registration.
  • Website Link- The website link is
  • Products – The following products are available on this site: Electronics, Recreations, Tools, Electronics, and Housewares.
  • Email Addresses – These can be found at [email protected]
  • Physical Address – Although their company address is readily available, it seems extremely dubious.
  • Contact Number – This website hasn’t provided their contact number.
  • Payment Method – You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.
  • Return Policy – The products must be returned within 14 days
  • Social Media Presence: According to Hapyyer reviews the site does not appear on social media.
  • Exchange Policy – Exchange not available
  • Refund Policy: The refund policy is not available.
  • Shipping Information – They ship items within 12 – 24 days.


  • The website has a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol.
  • Their email address name matches their domain name.


  • The website is still in its infancy.
  • The website does not provide the correct contact details.
  • Site holds below-average trust score
  • There is no need to review customers.
  • No active social media account.

Is Hapyyer Legit?

Before buying any products, you need to confirm the authenticity of the website. We will now examine the legitimacy factors to decide if the site is legit or fraudulent.

  • Website creation date: The website was built one month ago. This means that it is a new website.
  • Trust Score – The website only has a 1% trust score, which makes it highly doubtful.
  • Site rank – This site’s rank cannot be found.
  • Social Media – They don’t have any active accounts on social media.
  • Hapyyer Reviews This website has no reviews
  • Official Address- While the physical address of this website is accessible, the address looks suspicious.
  • Plagiarized Content- Hapyyer republished content from another website.
  • Owner’s/Brand Information – The website has no company information or the identity of its founder.

The website looks suspicious because of the above points. However, there is still much to be done and we will continue to discuss the other points. The site will be discussed further. Keep reading.

Hapyyer Reviews

After looking at all the points above, you can conclude that shopping from this website could be risky. They don’t have one customer review nor do they have a presence on social media. This is why we urge you to conduct thorough research before purchasing from this website.


This website which deals in household goods, sports and other items, has all the credibility indicators to be fraudulent. The website does not have its actual contact information and doesn’t even have a social media account. And the most important factor in judging Hapyyer Reviews, is the absence of customer reviews.

Therefore, Happyer is a bogus website.