Did you know that Google doodle changed its drawing? Google has changed its doodle. You may have heard something about the mid autumn festival. Or maybe you are curious about what mid-autumn festivals are all about. All over people celebrate this festival full of joy and excitement. Learn all you need to know about the Happy Mid Autumn 2022 Fest, its importance and why it is celebrated.

What does Mid-Autumn Festival mean?

The mid-Autumn celebration will be held from 10th through 12th September. China will observe a 3-day public holiday on this occasion. According to the Gregorian lunar calendar, the festival takes place on the 15th day in 8 months. The Chinese lunar calendar determines the festival’s date. Each year, the festival falls in either September or October.

It is China’s second most important festival. After the China New Year, it is also known as the Moon cake Festival, or Moon Festival. It is however the principal festival of Vietnam and is also a significant festival in many Asian nations, such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival in Mandarin :

This festival is celebrated to celebrate the successful harvest of fruits, rice, and other crops. It is celebrated in thanksgiving for the successful harvest as well as to encourage harvest. At this festival, families gather to share Thanksgiving, eat mooncakes, lighten paper lanterns, and worship God.

Why does the Mid-Autumn celebration get celebrated?

The Mid-Autumn festival celebrates the success of the harvest. It also encourages good harvests for over 3,000 year. This festival is renowned for its cultural and historical growth because it is one of the best days of the year. The Happy Half-Autumn festival GIF is still celebrated in many traditions. These are just a few of the many ways to celebrate Happy Halloween.

  • Reunited With Family
  • Enjoying dinner at home with your family and friends.
  • Mooncakes.
  • Giving thanks to the moon and recognizing its beauty.
  • Making, lighting up and carrying the lanterns for mid-autumn
  • Praying for moon.

Midsummer Festival Wishes 

Festivals are a time to show love and support one another by sending cards or short messages. People often wish each other with many sayings and greetings that refer to the moon or reunion. Continue reading this article to learn more about Mid Autumn Fest Wishes.

Festivals are a time of great significance. People light lanterns, pray to the moon, and enjoy mooncakes.


It is an important festival in Asian countries including China. The festival will be held from 10th September through 12th September. China has a three day public holiday for these days.