A leading US grocer and pharmacy, Hannaford, is gearing up to distribute the COVID vaccine when it becomes available. The Hannaford COVID vaccine program is part of the Phase 2 vaccine distribution program and will soon begin for eligible residents and healthcare professionals.

A retail pharmacy is gearing up to provide COVID-19 immunization to eligible residents through pharmacies located in five major states, including Maine. The retail pharmacy was approved to distribute vaccines in November 2020 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Hannaford Retail Pharmacy is an authorized vaccination partner that distributes the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible residents.

What is Hannaford COVID All About vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccines will be available to US residents through select retail pharmacies. The federal coronavirus vaccine retail pharmacy program is working with the state, territories, and federal government to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines. The Hannaford supermarket is one of the supermarkets selected for the distribution of vaccines.

The Biden administration will begin shipping vaccines to eligible pharmacies, including Hannaford, for faster, more efficient vaccination and distribution to qualified applicants. This will increase immunization across states as more severe strains of the virus emerge.

The Centers for Disease Control mentioned that the introduction of vaccines is only possible gradually as more doses are available, with the main goal being to increase them to over 400,000 supermarkets and pharmacies.

Residents must complete an online survey to ensure they are eligible for the Hannaford COVID vaccine.

When will immunization start at the Hannaford supermarket?

Hannaford is a retail supermarket and pharmacy with more than 156 pharmacies in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. The retail pharmacy obtained approval for the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution program in November 2020. It signed an agreement with CDC for an authorized COVID-19 vaccine distributor.

However, authorities and officials have not confirmed the exact release date of the COVID-19 vaccine. The retail pharmacy has not received any government information on when the pharmacy will receive the doses of the vaccine and when the vaccination will begin, according to a recent report.

Officials confirmed that the pharmacy has already purchased additional freezers to preserve the Hannaford COVID vaccine. They are trained to store vaccines, trained pharmacists on dosing, and more.

The store also purchased additional PPE kits for pharmacists, technicians and pharmacy interns to administer vaccines. The pharmacy has created a digital appointment form and scheduling tool so that residents can book an online immunization appointment in advance.


Hannaford is a leading supermarket and recently signed an agreement with the CDC to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine distribution program. A retail pharmacy will distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible residents once it is made available by the federal government.

Hannaford Supermarket has partnered with the Biden and CDC administrations to become a key public health source and offer easy and seamless access to the Hannaford COVID Vaccineonce vaccine that is available.

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