We appreciate it when customers who shop online make sure to do thorough research about the site from which you are planning to purchase products or about the items you’re planning to buy.

Many websites are scams and people often fall to their traps. Today, we are presenting the Hamnpie Review article where we examine this peculiar United States-based website.

So, take the time to read the whole article so that you do not be able to miss any crucial details.

What is Hamnpie.com?

Hamnpie.com is an internet-based store that offers various categories of merchandise including auto lifting equipment and shop equipment for automotive shops automobile shop supplies smaller kitchen equipment, christmas decor and a few women’s clothes items.

Frame machines are available for purchase with stands, jacks and jacks as well as stands and hoists for engines and brake service tools. funnels oil pans, mats and oil pans wheel alignment systems, tools including Christmas trees, ornaments and tree stands blenders, air fryers and more.

This isn’t enough to answer the question: Are Hamnpie legitimate? So, keep reading.

The items are priced reasonably and all the details are included in their descriptions boxes. Size guides too are included in the descriptions boxes.

Specifications of Hamnpie.com

Here are some important information concerning hamnpie.com and its policies for customers:

  • URL: https://www.hamnpie.com/
  • Categories: women’s clothing auto parts and kitchen appliances Christmas decorations
  • Domain age: the website was registered on the 18th of October 2021. As such it has an age of domain of just 24 days.
  • Email address: hamnpie@outlook.com
  • Telephone number +12563761891
  • Address: 238 Holiday Ter, Lansing, Kansas 66043, United States
  • Payment methods accepted: In Hamnpie reviews We mention it accepts transactions through PayPal and credit cards , including MasterCard, American Express, Visa and many others.
  • Return policy: The company has a 30-day return policy. Customers can return the product provided that they remain within their original packing. Customers are responsible for cost of returning the item.
  • Refund policy: The business assures a full refund regardless of the circumstance. The company can accept or deny the refund following a thorough review of the returned item. The review in Hamnpie reviews We state that the reimbursement will be issued according to the original method for payment in a couple of days.
  • Delivery and shipping policy The company offers delivery only to the US. The orders are processed and then delivered within 1-3 business days. The EMS express will take between 10 and 22 days.
  • Social media icons present: none

Pros of Hamnpie.com

  • There’s a huge assortment of goods.
  • We have found a valid HTTPS connection
  • A blacklist engine will not include the domain

Cons of Hamnpie.com

  • Low Trust score, as well as low popularity
  • A domain with a low age and a short expiration period for the domain

Is Hamnpie Legit?

Think about the following points:

  • Domain age is 24 , 18 10/ 2021.10 2021
  • Domain Expiration: 18/10/2021
  • Alexa rank: No rank has been attributable to this website.
  • Trust Index: 1/100
  • Trust Rank: 27.1/100
  • Plagiarized content: the majority part of content found of hamnpie.com has been copied and republished from other websites.
  • Customer reviews: There are no reviews from customers available for this website.
  • Customer policies: All the important policies are available on the website , and are outlined in this article.
  • Originality of address The address on the website isn’t accurate, as discovered by extensive research on the Internet
  • Social media connections and links None
  • Interface It is used by other websites that are suspicious.

Hamnpie Review from the users

Unfortunately, there aren’t any authentic and trustworthy customer reviews or feedback available on the Internet concerning hamnpie.com or its products.

Reviews from real customers are the most important aspect of an online store’s credibility. Without reviews, we are able to declare that you are not able to believe the reviews on the site.

If you have any feedback or feedback to share regarding this site’s sales and more, please leave a leave a comment below.

Please read up on the and beware of them.

The Final Verdict

Today, in Hamnpie Review We all discovered everything we could about the website including its domain’s time to the content that it has published.

As I mentioned earlier this website is plagued by a myriad of negatives: poor trust rating, a low popularity, no domain age and plagiarized content, as well as zero customer reviews, and a fake address of the company. The website is not even well constructed.