The 94th Academy Award wasn’t just about the main show. Guy Oseary was its destination. It was a high-profile event because most A-class actors attended. Also, people from the United States Canada and the United Kingdom were curious to know more about Oseary.

This Oscar party has become a popular event in recent years, as Guy and Gucci host it after the Oscar events. This article will cover all aspects of Hollywood talent managers.

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Guy Oseary Details

Oseary is an American-Israeli-born Hollywood event manager and writer. He also produces films and invests in them. He was the manager for some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Madonna, U2 and others.

Below are some details about Oseary.

  • Net worth – $90 Million
  • Name – Guy Oseary
  • Birth Date – 3rd October 1972
  • Height – six feet two inches
  • American Nationality
  • Wife – Michelle Alves
  • Work – Author, Businessman and Film Producer
  • Ethnicity — Israeli
  • Education – Beverly Hills High School
  • Children – Mia Oseary (Levi), and Oliver Oseary (children).

Oseary’s income came mainly from his work as a talent manger for a prominent company in Hollywood.

Guy Oseary Networth 2022:

Guy was born Israel, but spent his childhood in Los Angeles. His interest in music has been his main focus from the start. He combined his business acumen with his desire to create a personal fortune.

Maverick Records has been associated to him since his youth, even though the company only became popular in 1992. He was greatly influenced by Maverick’s rise from executive to chief executives officers.

  • His net worth was $59 million in 2017.
  • The majority of his riches came from music and business deals.
  • Guy Oseary Net Value 2022: $90

Oseary Association of Madonna:

He also produced films like Turn it up or House of 1000 dead corpses, which helped him make a fortune. Guy’s friendship and relationship with Madonna, the pop diva, helped him to make his money.

He worked for Madonna as a manager during the Confession Tour in 2006 and 2008, and was also a manager for Sticky and Sweet. Both of these tours had a successful run and made more than $600 in total. Twilight and its sequels earned him approximately $3 billion in box office revenue.

Guy Oseary Private Party:

The private party took place at Guy Oseary HTML2_ home. Some were unable to attend the Oscars main function, but they attended the Gucci event.

It was also the final Oscar night event for Jennifer Lawrence’s Leonardo DiCaprio. A few products from Gucci’s collaboration with Adidas were also revealed at the event.

It was an intimate event, and media representatives from the outside were not allowed to attend.


He combined his musical interests with business acumen in order to build Guy Oseary Networth 2022 at around $90 Million.