With the UK enjoying the increasingly warm weather of summer – along with the gradual lifting of restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic – many of us are taking to our local streets, parks, bars, cafes, beer gardens and event spaces for some much-needed socialising and recreation.

For those who have been furloughed or working from home all this time, this means that we have to recall how to behave in public again! More than ever, we’ll be remembering social niceties and keeping bad habits in check as we pick up where we left off.

So, what does this mean for e-cig users? What forms of etiquette do we need to observe as we begin to socialise again – and what rules, regulations and restrictions are in place regarding the use of vapes when out and about?

In this article, you can get some pointers on how best to approach vaping in public this summer.

Check Venue Regulations Before Visiting

Different destinations have different rules regarding the use of e-cigarettes. The UK government has no official guidance in terms of whether you can or cannot vape in particular locations, so it’s left up to the owners and management of a venue to decide what is allowed.

They are within their rights to request that you do not vape in their establishment or on any land they own, and you may be asked to leave if you don’t comply. For this reason, it’s best to check a venue’s stance on vaping before you visit, so you’re not in for a nasty surprise.

Some managed beaches and parks have their own rules on the use of e-cigarettes, so you may want to do your research on these too.

As vaping restrictions are not a legally enforceable matter in the UK, however, using an e-cig in the wrong place is not something for which you can be given an official penalty.

Respect the Rules on Public Transport

Again, there is no government legislation in place regarding the use of e-cigarettes on public transport – but many operators have applied a blanket rule banning vaping in any of their vehicles.

Whether you’re getting a bus, train, tram or even flying, it’s very important that you look into what you are and are not allowed to do before you travel.

Social Etiquette

Of course, everyone has a different attitude towards vaping. This article from Cloudstix lays out some handy information in response to recent media attention that vaping has received and may be a useful thing to share with your friends.

You’re likely to know how your immediate social group feels about you using an e-cig around them – and many of them may vape themselves!

However, particularly at special events and around people you are less familiar with, it may be best to check in with others to make sure they are comfortable with you vaping near them.

If you’re unsure of someone’s feelings on the matter, it may be worth standing at a reasonable distance from them or adjusting your vape to reduce the size of the vapour clouds you are producing – just for the time being!

Of course, above all else, it’s important that you feel content and comfortable while you vape – so try to look for places with relaxed e-cig rules and don’t let yourself get too stressed about doing the right thing. Simply get informed in advance so you know where you stand.

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