Now the pursuit of life quality is higher and higher, sleeping is a big thing in life, so people are very particular about the choice of bedding. Now the product of pure silk kind is more and more popular, pure silk sheet also gets the love of people, but pure silk sheet can appear to rise the problem of pilling, so why do the bedsheets pill, and how to solve the problem?

Reasons of fabric pilling

1. Fiber length

Generally speaking, the fabric pilling depends on the fiber length. If the number of fiber ends per unit area is small, the fiber ends exposed to the fabric surface is also relatively small, so it is not easy to pilling. In addition, if it is long fiber, it’s easy to stick out of the surface and pilling.

2. The cross-section shape of the fiber

If the cross-section of the fiber is close to a circle, the interaction force between the fibers will be smaller, so it is easier to pill. If it’s triangular or polygonal, it is not easy to pill. For example, silk sheets are irregular triangular shapes.

3. Strength of fiber

If the strength of the fiber is particularly high, good elasticity is not easy to fall off, so it is not easy to pill, those easy to rub off, and then get tangled up into a ball. In addition, the more twist there is in the yarn, the tighter the bonds between the fabrics become so that pilling is not easy to happen.

How to deal with the silk sheet pilling problem?

Silk sheets generally do not pill, but if they are used for a long time, it might have some tiny hair bulbs. Never use a hand or scissors to cut, because silk is very delicate if once the inside structure is damaged, the damage will cause for the whole piece of sheet. So it’s wrong to use your hands and scissors.

Now there is a kind of hairball trimmer, which can be used in pure silk products, you can buy one. As for the using method, just push the switch, aim the hairball of pure silk sheet, push gently, then clip very cleanly. Generally speaking, you only need the mid-range speed, not force to push and pull, it is easy to draw the real silk scar. After use, clean up the clutter inside, and remember to clean the knife rest and mesh cover.

Silk fabric can be said to be the most difficult to pill among all kinds of fabric. Take good care of your 100% mulberry silk bed sheets and you can keep them for many years.