Buying a towel seems like an easy thing, but so many things go into buying it. You buy a towel that feels soft on skin. But how do you pick the right one from an array of patterns and colors? People tend to bring incorrect sizes and complain later about the towels’ quality and durability. So, before you throw in the towel to your bucket, take time to read our guide. Also, here’s a study that you can consider before buying a towel: 6 Top Rated High Quality Hand Towels in 2021, published by Mizu Towel, this article will help you choosing the best quality towels at affordable prices.

Below we have shared a few characteristics of an appropriate towel and how you can increase its life. 

  • Look for towels that do not stink.  

The most ideal towels are the ones that are lighter and fluffier, and do not stink at all. They absorb the water and do not leave behind any musty smell. Many manufacturers are considering different techniques to eliminate the unpleasant smell from the towels. Onsen towels are one of them. We have searched for the Onsen towels review and were surprised with spectacular opinions. 

  • Always pay attention to GSM.

It is a general rule that if your towel is heavy automatically, it will be denser and will absorb more water in it. Usually, bath towel density is measured through GMS (grams per square meter). It ranges from 300 to 900.  

–     300 to 400

Towels in this slab are considered lightweight in the material. They dry pretty quickly. Just wash them & hang them on the rack, and you are good to go within 15 minutes. This means it’s a great choice for the gym or kitchen.  

–     400 to 620

These towels weigh medium, are soft, and absorb well too. It is a great choice to add in beach or bathroom kits. They do not take forever to get dry. Hang them in the sunlight, and they will get dry before you require them again. 

–     620 to 900

These are the heaviest towels manufactured with premium material. Towels with this much thickness are considered body-hugging in nature. Once you touch them, you will feel the luxury out of them. The only downside to these towels is, they consume a lot of time to get dry. 

  • Pick standard size of the towel

Towels range in different sizes and have different uses, but the standard size is ’27 x 52′, which is suitable for bathing needs. If you are unable to judge the measurement, go with a standard size towel. But if your body requires more coverage, then pick a bath sheet instead. It will allow you to wrap your body completely in it. You can even consider smaller towels if you are looking for hand towels. 

  • Visually inspect the details. 

Manufacturers usually put finishes on the towels so that consumers find them soft and silky. But ultimately, the coating will come off one day or another, so buy those towels which have proper stitching, corners that are well folded and intact. It prevents fraying and extends the life of the towel. 

Enhance the life of your towel 

As of now, you have enough knowledge about buying a suitable towel for yourself, let us now discuss how to enhance their life. 

  • Avoid using fabric softeners.

These manufactured products leave behind residue on the towels and ultimately make them less absorbent. 

  • Always say ‘no ‘to hooks. 

Mostly, towels that are hung over the hook dry more slowly than hung on bars. So spread them evenly and hang them in broad sunlight, killing any bacteria and making them dry quickly. 

  • Try Vinegar wash 

Pour a cupful of vinegar in the bucket while washing towels in a month. Vinegar will remove any body oil or soap residue, which makes your towel less absorbent

  • Never iron your towel. 

It might surprise you, but yes, some people iron their towels for unknown reasons, which damages your towel because it crushes the loops present in the fabric. 


Towels do so much hard work for you. We expect it to clean us, dry us off, and enhance the bathroom’s look too. Thus, we recommend you buy an appropriate towel according to your requirements. Whether purchasing a hand towel or a bath towel, consider the points mentioned in our guide to make the most out of it.