We are going on vacations for enjoyment, refreshments, and relaxation. When you are going anywhere, one thing is always in mind that something wrong will not happen.Anti theft backpack is an approach to avoid pickpockets and thefts. We can control the one awful thing by using the theft-proof bags. Still, something like delay or cancellation of the flight is something we cannot control when you are going anywhere, ensuring that all your luggage will be safe, especially your wallet, personal information like cards, etc., and valuables. All these things will be safe by using theft-proof purses.

Some theft proof pocket protects RFID( Radio Frequency Identification), so your personal information is safe. When you are visiting some crowded places, there is always the fear of theft, so many types of hidden pocket bags are available to prevent thefts. As more hidden pockets are there, you are safer. More details of such anti-theft bags are available in travelenviro; you will get more information. 


There are some features you must consider when you are going to buy an anti-theft travel bag.


Design is the basic look of the backpack. Which size do you need? Either you are going hiking, or some hilly area or going for some shopping, going to the office or school, or going to your friend’s house; it all depends on your need. Then you must consider compartments and the number of pockets. Or also, consider like it has shoulder straps that are flexible or not. There is a pad on the back or not. All these factors include in it.


It depends on your use that in which area you are going to use a secure travel bag. Because if the area in which there is more rain you need some waterproof bag otherwise your items will be wet. If you carry a shoulder backpack for a long time, it must be durable because you have it on your shoulder, and strips of the bags must be strong and durable.


Everyone likes a stylish look, so you look brighter if you carry the latest fashion computer backpack. Must have that style that suits you. Sometimes, people copy each other and take any sort without thinking that it does them.

What To Look For When Purchasing An Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

When you decide to buy a traveling anti-theft backpack, you must focus on security, such as it must be RFID safe, or it has anti-theft secure zips and locks. Is there are hidden pockets in this lockable travel backpack. These are some elements which you must consider positively for more security whenever you are going to buy.

How To Avoid Pickpockets

It is crucial to keep in mind the tips to which you can save yourself from pickpockets.

  • Always lock your backpack.
  • Put your valuables like wallet, cards, etc., in hidden pockets, especially in hidden pockets inside the water bottle compartment.
  • It would help if you carried those things only with you which you needed most.
  • Keep your money in a hidden pocket; keep only a small amount of money in the front pocket for immediate need.
  • When you travel, put your backpack down. It is safe when you are in airports, train stations, etc.
  • Do not keep your cellphone wallet in your backside pocket.
  • Do not keep your cell phone keys or wallet on the table during traveling.
  • Do not leave your bag with anyone stranger.

Are Anti Theft Backpacks Worth The Money?

Anti-theft bags are costly as compare to simple backpacks. So losing some essentials like money, camera, cellphone, wallet, cards, visa, a passport is more expensive.

Although such a backpack is costly, you should enjoy your travel without any fear of pickpockets and theft if you buy an anti-theft backpack.

Anti-theft backpack

PacsafeMetrosafe LS450

This traveling anti-theft bag is made of 100% polyester and imported. Its lockable zips and cut-proof material is making it unique and safe from theft. It has various colors such as black, deep navy, Earth Khaki, and Dark Tweed. This amazon anti-theft bag is well made and very secure. It has organized and hidden pockets as well, which makes it more attractive. It is also RFID safe which is more beneficial during traveling.

TravelonAnti Theft Classic Backpack

The secure bag has locking compartments which makes it safer. The shoulder straps are flexible so that everyone can use them according to their size. This backpack has more anti-theft features as well. It has stylish designs and these bags with secrete compartments having an RFID safe. Further, you can hold an iPad, passport in it. It has various colors such as midnight, Nutmeg, A B/W Small Flower Print, A Geo Tile.

Anti-Theft Signature Nylon Slim Backpack

The main compartment of this theft-proof travel bag has pockets in which you can carry your sunglasses or cellphones. It is RFID safe and has zipper pockets as well. It is the best choice for anti-theft bags because it has more anti-theft features, its body is slash resistant.

Kah&Kee Polyester Travel Backpack

This laptop bag is made of 100% polyester and has a polyester lining. This designer laptop bag has compartments that save your electronics. Secure and hidden pockets protect your valuables such as money, cellphone, cards, etc.; it is a stylish zip closure bag and has soft pads. This backpack for laptops is for shopping, outdoor activities, schools, offices as well traveling.

MarsBro Laptop Backpack

The anti-theft purse is made of durable material and has ample capacity. Its design is very sound and has an external USB port, hidden pockets, and card pockets as this Travel safe backpack is affordable. It has more pockets, three main compartments, and 13 functional pockets in which you can keep a cellphone, wallet, cards, iPad, iPhone, keys, pens, bottles, clothes, etc. It has a breathable padded also and is a unisex backpack. It is ideal for gifting someone. It is suitable for all college or school girls and boys and teenagers.

Inateck Cabin Luggage Backpack

This locking backpack is easy to carry because it is lightweight. It has durable material. A free rain cover is also available so you can be safe from rainwater. As it is a perfect anti-theft backpack, it has double zips. Two locks are in the middle to save you from any theft activity. It designs as it is easy for you to approach your valuables without any difficulty. Technically you can fix two laptops in this secure travel backpack.

MancroAnti Theft Backpack

Mancro Backpack is versatile and having many pockets so you can easily organize your belongings. You can keep your bus card, id card, pens, little snacks,  phone, wallet, pen, keys, and water bottles.  Its design has It has hidden pockets where you can keep your valuables. The USB charging port is also available there. The strips and handles are more comfortable. Back pads are breathable, which prevents you from sweating. These hidden pocket backpacks are waterproof and made of durable polyester fabric. Bags with secrete compartment is lightweight, which anyone can carry easily.