Gucci is a well-known fashion house recognized for its unique collection of belts, handbags and apparel. Today, the fashion company has taken its crypto and blockchain aspirations to a new level by collaborating with NFT the art market Superplastic.

Gucci’s fashion house has teamed up with Superplastic, a digital character company Superplastic to introduce the brand new SuperGucci NFT line. The Gucci NFT’s design is based on the combination of traditional designs and themes of the brand in conjunction along with Guggimon as well as Janky’s online characters.

After the announcement was announced, it began creating an excitement among investors from both United Kingdom and the United States. Everyone is curious about the anticipated Gucci NFT price.

What is Gucci NFT?

Gucci NFT is the newly launched Non-Fungible token by the fashion house with a luxurious name. The director of design at Gucci, Alessandro Michele, designed it with the help of the well-known digital character brand, Superplastic.

Gucci has confirmed that just 250 NFTs will be available for minting during the first phase and that it would be available on three separate dates. The first batch of 10 NFTs is scheduled to launch by 1st February 2022. Each collectible will come with distinctive ceramic sculptures created by Gucci ceramicists from Italy.

Prior to its introduction it was announced that the NFT has already created excitement among investors. They are eager to know the anticipated value that will be charged by the NFT.

What is the Expected Gucci NFT Price?

It’s not for this the first time Gucci has announced NFTs through collaboration. Gucci, a luxury brand, has already auctioned off the Gucci Aria NFT earlier, and the auction has helped the brand earn $25 000, which makes this NFT to be the largest item Gucci is ever selling.

This is the right time to get Gucci NFT in collaboration with the digital character brand Superplastic. However, the initial release of NFT is anticipated to be accessible to the public on the 1st of February 2022. However, there are no details regarding pricing for the Gucci NFT Price.

There will only be ten items introduced in the first launch on February 1 The NFTs will be distributed in three phases and each digital collectible is likely to include a unique ceramic sculpture. However, there isn’t any confirmation of the actual value or cost for the items.

Briefing About The Vault

In addition to Gucci NFT, the luxury fashion brand is also focused on the launch of its online concept store The Vault. The Vault was created by collaborating with Superplastic. It’s launched as a metaverse attraction which is likely to contain various fashion pieces art, memorabilia from the past and NFTs, particularly those created by the collaboration of Superplastic and the X House. What is Gucci NFT’s price? Gucci NFT price?

Investors interested in purchasing NFTs can purchase NFTs from the Vault. They must verify the current price of the token once it has been released for trading and then purchase it according to the current price.


Gucci NFT is the new NFT that is expected to launch by February 2022 at three dates. The Ten NFT items will be released with the first drop and available to the public it starting on the 1st of February on Superplastic’s website. The fashion brand hasn’t yet declared that the Gucci NFT price so investors are waiting with anticipation for the first release.