Looking for a Christmas puzzle set made of wood? It will bring joy to you and your children, as well as reminding you of the auspicious evening of Jesus’ birth. Greenmarcury.com is the best site to buy this particular Christmas puzzle set.

This United States-based web site offers a Nativity Puzzle. It includes a unique jigsaw set with wood burned designs that creates a stunning display of Jesus’ birth.

This Greenmarcury Reviews article will tell you more.

About Greenmarcury –

Greenmarcury, as we learned from their official website, was founded in 2012. Max Watson and Nancy Watson, mother-son duo, founded this company to make handcrafted pillows. The Watsons have a Florida studio that produces a variety of custom-made items for their customers.

The official portal only has one product, the Nativity Puzzle Set with Jesus birth Night. It is currently available for $39.50. However, there are no Greenmarcury Reviews.

Greenmarcury Wooden Puzzles Set:

Greenmarcury.com listed only one item on its website. This is the Nativity Puzzle set, made specifically for Christmas. The jigsaw’s wood construction is beautiful with its burnt design. The product is well-finished and the description is informative. You can use the product as both a Christmas decoration and a child’s toy. The product looks amazing on a mantel or shelf.


  • Product Type Nativity Jigsaw Jesus puzzle sets
  • Materials: Wood
  • Size20*15cm
  • price: $39.50

Greenmarcury Feedbacks and Greenmarcury Reviews are not yet available on this site. However, we will be able to determine if this product really is legit as we continue to read this article.

Pros –

  • It is handmade and therefore unique.
  • It is stunning to see the wood with a burnt pattern.
  • Its diameter is ideal for display on a mantel or shelf, or on a piano.
  • You can fit pieces inside a wooden frame.


  • This product is very appealing to children.
  • The Puzzle is not appropriate for children younger than 3 years of age
  • The product’s watercolor will eventually fade.

Is Greenmarcury real or a scam?

Without Greenmarcury Reviews, it’s difficult to determine if this product is legitimate. The following information can help you decide if the purchase is safe.

  • It is missing customer reviews. This is surprising considering the product’s popularity.
  • The brand claims it is still in existence from 2012, however, the portal was only launched a month ago.
  • There is no discussion on the product via social media.
  • The product is not sold on other sites.
  • Greenmarcury doesn’t have an official address for mail; instead, it uses Gmail.
  • Some websites review the product and claim it is a scam with a 2% trust rating.

Customer Greenmarcury Comments:

The site does not meet any criteria for authenticity.

The site does not have customer feedback and we cannot find any reliable source to obtain information regarding the product.

Additionally, we discovered that Greenmarcury claimed to be a tailor-made pillow-making company. We were unable to find any mention of any wooden crafts.

The site’s contents seem to be completely irrelevant to the actual product. The website is fraudulent and the product is fraud. Greenmarcury customers have not reviewed the product and declared it a fraud.


Greenmarcury is offering a fake product to customers. This product does not have a social page. Other sites also do not seem to be interested in this brand. The email you received is not from the seller’s official email account. Greenmarcury Reviews and customer feedback are not available for this product. We recommend that you look for other Christmas gifts to give your loved ones, rather than the Nativity Wooden Jesus Puzzle Set.

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