This article describes a range of non-fungible tokens created by using cartoonish digital art that are used in online metaverse games. Read more on Gooniez NFT.

Are you eager to discover an array of unique digital art created using blockchain technology like the Ethereum blockchain? If you answered yes, continue reading this article to the very end, which will provide all relevant details with this particular topic.

Digital art lovers all over the world are investigating a myriad of unique digital art forms that are likely to increase in value in the near future. The non-fungible tokens that have a high demand on the market could be an ideal for a target. Let’s look at more detailed information regarding Gooniez NFT. Gooniez NFT.

About Gooniez Gang NFTs

Gooniez Gang NFT collection consists of a selection of digital art in high definition forms of NFTs. The most well-known NFT collection is comprised in 8,888 Gooniez. Each Gooniez has a unique value and is distinct from the other.

The buyer can buy the Gooniez token and use it to the metaverse. For instance it is the NFT is utilized to play a metaverse-based car race game. The top-quality gaming interface was created with the help of the latest Web 3.0. The purchasers are also able to trade the NFT to a better cost.

Gooniez NFT

  • The NFT offers gamers an opportunities to earn digital crypto tokens that are generated in game.
  • The rewards for players will allow them to increase their game skills and include more gaming options to get to the next level.
  • Owner of NFT will receive an Original Gooniez to be found in FBX and the OBJ file. These official files confirm that the character has property rights. bought NFT character.
  • The gamers online are paid with $GANG tokens to reward the contribution they make towards the platform.

Market Capitalization

  • The price at the moment is 0.07 Ethereum
  • The total number owners of Gooniez NFT owners Number of owners of Gooniez NFT: 36
  • Total Supply: 5,100
  • Volume: 2.45
  • Market Cap: 519.71
  • Total Sales: 24
  • Volume (24 hours): 0.59

Founders and Team

The founders’ information is not on the official social media platforms.

How To buy Gooniez Collection?

  • Check out visit the OpenSea website. OpenSea is a well-known NFT marketplace.
  • Register an account with OpenSea.
  • Connect your wallet using OpenSea.
  • Input enough Ethereum tokens into your account.
  • Choose the appropriate NFT to be found in the Gooniez Gang collection.
  • Pay the amount of the chosen NFT by ETH. A minimum amount of ETH must be paid to cover the gas costs. Learn more about how to use the Gooniez NFT.
  • Once the process is completed successfully the wallet of the user is credit.


Q1 Is the Ethereum Smart contract address of the Gooniezgang NFT?

A2: Ethereum Smart contract Address for Gooniez Gang NFT is 0xd3d22f79b1df2b38b194ddbee6925f492b12a9ec.

Q2: What was the official minting date of the Gooniez Gang NFT?

A2 The official mint date of the Gooniez Gang NFT was on the 6th of February, 2022.


The NFTs that go with crypto gaming applications made possible by the web 3.0 is an incredible mix that allows gamers to earn tokens for rewards. To learn more about this subject please take a an interest here.