As we all know, Google is the world’s largest search engine, however Lately, Google consumers in various areas of the world, particularly Indonesia, whined about errors and disruptions from Google’s services. The following google down complaints was reported during childbirth.

In the following guide, we’ll discuss this error brought on by google services. Read the entire article to get more info.

What’s Google Error Service?

Recently there was a complaint by the consumers of google they Are confronting errors while accessing the services which google provides like; a large number of consumers were not able said that they are unable to get google search website and were also unable to upload google files.

Recent mistakes in google services; complaints have been being reported around 9.30 WIB, that was observed in the map from the Downdetector report.

But many users didn’t face any problems while obtaining the google services; on the flip side, Twitter reported this issue to Telkom indihome.

And on this criticism, the owner of indihome responded by stating That yes, google is having some difficulties with it.

Well, a few months back an on the 20th of August 2020, many of those Gmail users complained about the email service that’s interrupting while using it.

Further few of them also complained that they could not attach any

Afterward, it was said that this error was taking place since three Google servers were down, and this was causing mistakes in few other platforms, also, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Drive storage.

This was the information aboutGoogle Error Hari Inithat has been reported that a Few months ago in 2020.

This disturbance criticism of google down server has been reported with a Lot of users who were basically out of the countries like Malaysia, Japan, the United States, and Australia

Several other users Reported complaints against the Gmail server on Twitter, however, it was stated that the effects of this was not overly crowded in Indonesia.


Here in this article, we Have read aboutGoogleError, about exactly what it is. After doing all of the research, we discovered that this is regarding the errors and disruptions that the users had while accessing google services. The article has covered every possible news related to google down services, that is, Google Error Hari Ini.

What do you think about these issues discovered in Google, also do You think that the world’s biggest search engine can have these difficulties?