Having a collection of antique and vintage jewelry or possessing a few pieces is at any time prized possession. There is always something unique and special about this jewelry. But at the same time, these precious pieces of antique jewelry and gems need special care and attention too. 

Any piece of jewelry that is more than 100 years old is considered antique jewelry and vintage if they are more than 20 years old. As with any other thing that is old or antique, you must check them regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Get them serviced often and only from reputed jewelers. It is highly advisable to get them checked, cleaned, and polished (if required) at least once a year to avoid any unnecessary damage. 

Here are some top tips that are good to know about caring for antique jewelry:

  • Keep an inventory of your antique and vintage jewelry collection

Antique and Victorian Jewelry could be priceless and irreplaceable. Keep a proper inventory of all your collection and the receipts of purchase in a safe place. Keep a snap if possible and if they are hallmark or have any markings, note them down at one place, and also their sizes. 

  • Check for their conditions regularly

A regular check of antique jewelry will ensure that they do not develop any wear and tear. The settings become loose with time and you may lose the gems on them. take them for a health check-up with a reputed and trusted jeweler at regular intervals to ensure that the health of the old pieces is sound and intact. 

  •  Keep all your antique and vintage jewelry clean

While you dress them up, make sure that you do not spray perfumes or make-up on them. this may tarnish their looks and also discolor them. You can even clean them at intervals, but ensure that you know the methods of cleaning them. Using the wrong method and material to clean these valuable pieces could make them wear off and tarnish. 

  • Wear them separately and carefully

Try not to wear too many at the same time and daily. These Victorian Jewelry pieces are tender pieces that may wear off with rubbing and regular use. They should be best kept for special occasions and wearing one a time in the rotation. 

  • Store them carefully

All Victorian jewelry prices should be stored properly. Each piece should be separately stored from the other, segregated in lint-free cloth or acid-free tissues. If stored together, they might tangle and will be subjected to wear and tear.

  • Restore them if necessary

If the worst has happened, it is always better to take them to repair and ensure that it is done correctly by a reputed and knowledgeable jeweler. 

While possessing antique and vintage jewelry could be a matter of pride and prestige, it is also important that you take good care of them. it will ensure that your prized possessions are there with your forever, enthralling your charm and beauty.