The lunar year is about to begin and we are all aware of what the importance of the Tiger the Lunar new year. Tiger is a symbol of courage and courage. Adopt me, a web-based game on Roblox honors the lunar calendar and its players can play by creating pets.

Countries like that of United States and the United Kingdom are enthusiastic about this game. A lot of questions come up in your mind regarding Golden Tiger Adopt Me. Scroll down to learn more!

What is a Golden Tiger?

Perhaps you’ve been told about adopting me. Adopt me is a game that can be played online in Roblox. Many popular games release new features that enhance their appeal and make them more attractive. Lunar New Year starts in February, which is the month that begins and is a symbol of the tiger.

In connection with Lunar New Year Adopt Me has launched the tiger box, which has pets that can be unlocked by players. Be aware that purchasing tigers can cost you some money. If you don’t have enough cash to purchase it, you can get it through trade in exchange with players.

Golden Tiger Adopt Me

The Golden Tiger is a part of the feature introduced in the most recent update of Adopt me during the Lunar year. People are eager to get the golden Tiger. Other tigers like Normal or white Tigers are also available, however the golden one is extremely rare and has a much lower chance to be unlocked.

Before we can discuss the steps required to raise tigers we should know a few details about them.

  • Normal Tiger: There is a 60% chance of unlocking the normal tiger.
  • White Tiger: There is a 30% chance of unlocking White Tiger.
  • Golden Tiger: There are only 10% chance to unlock the Golden Tiger.

The details of Golden Tiger Adopt Me are provided below and include the steps required to raise the golden tiger as well as dancing dragon.

How do I achieve a Golden Tiger?

Some people are looking at the golden tiger as well as methods to get it. The latest update for Adopt Me has introduced a tiger box that includes pets such as golden tiger, white Tiger dragon and much more. In order to unlock the golden tiger you must unlock the box that houses the tiger. The cost is 350 dollars that’s equivalent to 800 Robux in order to unlock it within Roblox.

The people are thrilled by the release and are excited to know how to access the options. Golden Tiger Adopt meupdate also comes with dancing dragons. If you’d like to unlock the dancing dragon you’ll need to spend 10,500 dollars, which is 4000 Robux in order to unlock the dancing dragon. Golden Tiger is considered to be a fabled pet, which is priced at the same level as unicorn plush.


Three tigers are in the game, which could improve your game and provide an assistance. We’ve listed all possibilities to get the golden Tiger. Adopt me is adored by a lot of people around the world.