The price of base metals, including old gold jewellery to sell from gold and silver collection, is increasing due to the growth driven by solid market fundamentals. The gold analysts today believe it may go to a new high in 2023. On the contrary, investments in stocks may hit a low during 2023 and be volatile for many years. According to market analysts, base metals are on a rising trend. Market turbulence, increasing purchase of gold from the central bank, rising recession expectations etc., are reasons for the inclining of gold prices. 

Further, many market analysts believe that the central banks will tend to support the lower interest rates in the current year, which may ignite an explosive price move for gold, especially in Asian markets. It invests in base metals such as gold, silver and diamonds, preferably investment which is highly liquid. Further, people can earn profits from the invested value at any time compared to other investments. 

Some people feel gold is intrinsic and traditionally valuable for making jewellery. But gold, including other base metals, can also be used as money for exchange. You should remain abreast of it where and how to sell gold in case any emergency occurs. Gold jewellery has become a common household asset in recent times, and it can be used as a source of money through business when there is a requirement for cash for emergency or household needs. It is considered the most liquid asset which can be quickly sold in the market for profit to investment value due to the increasing gold prices. 

However, many people need to be made aware of the gold markets and have a great fear of selling their old jewellery or unused silverware. You should be cautious while planning old gold jewellery selling. Many need clarification on where and how to sell their gold or cash for silver. That is mainly due to the unregulated third parties and people losing the actual value of their gold to the third parties or the sellers due to lack of knowledge. 

Hence, choosing the right buyer for your gold is a little tricky, and buyer needs to do a little research to protect themselves from unwanted losses. People can avoid losing out on profits from gold or silver sales by following three simple steps, which are going to reputed and trusted buyer brands, checking the current market price and the trends for the past few days and about any upcoming festive seasons and also checking the weight of the ornament or silverware before approaching the buyer. 

Why Approach Reputed Brands? 

If you wish to get cash for your old or old gold jewellery to sell, there are abundant gold buyers in the market, but everyone will get a question about where and how to sell gold. Selecting a trusted and genuine buyer who has gained goodwill from the customers for years is most important. To make your experience hassle-free, selecting reputed brands is always necessary. Below given are some of the points which will rationalize why to approach trusted and reputable brands: 

  • Gold-selling goes 100% reliable;   
  • The whole process will be transparent;  
  • Primarily they will evaluate your gold, such as weight and purity, then they will give the final invoice for your gold; 
  • Then finalizing the amount to be paid.  

Before choosing any gold, silver, or cash for diamond jewellery buyers, one should consider some more important points.

  1. It would help if you went through all the reviews and ratings. 
  2. Then shortlist some of the gold buyers who look genuine and trustworthy.
  3. The market price may vary daily, so check the gold market price on that particular day from multiple sources, mainly via a gold bullion market.  
  4. Most gold and silver buyers will try to pay considerably less for your jewellery. Hence little bargain will be beneficial to get the correct price.
  5. Check for credibility, transparent valuation, correct documentation, deductions, and the final price and taxes.

Most of the reputed and trusted gold buyers will always follow some of the parameters before exchanging. 

  • The valuation process will be transparent, smooth & straightforward. 
  • Genuine and reputed professional buyers will always explain the whole process to their customers. 
  • After approaching them, gold buyers will also let the customers know how they will get the best returns for their gold valuables.
  • They will evaluate your gold ornaments; by using non-destructive (X-Ray Florescence) German technology.  
  • They always follow a customer-friendly process. 
  • Genuine buyers follow ethics, honesty, integrity, and reliability toward their customers. 
  • Also, they do spot payment and safe transactions. 
  • They also make hassle-free processes with original invoices & transparent legal methods.


Always choose the most reliable, reputed and trustworthy gold buyers to get fair prices and best deals. There are plenty of silver and gold buyers in every city in India, so you can easily find them everywhere in your town. But buyers’ transparency, authenticity and reliability are necessary to get the best possible deal for your gold jewellery.