Do you want safety or regret? Safety is what you want, especially when it comes to your children.

The original Pokemon Go, was released in the late 90s. The new concept of Pokemon Go involves you traveling to different locations and then playing from those locations.

This game is extremely popular World. The goal of this game is to break the world records and become the champion.

But, the Silver Johto Pokemon Pokemon Go does not require you to travel. All you need is a memory card. So it is safe.

Let’s go ahead and expand it.

Are silver and gold safe for children’s use?

These versions are safe for children because they don’t require them to leave their house to travel to distant locations. This game is extremely engaging and even children as young as three can play it. They get so involved they lose track of their surroundings.

This is a hard one. If a child is not aware of other people and cars around them, it could be an accident.

Silver Johto Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Go can be played safely from your computer. You can play as excitedly from home as if you were there using a memory stick.

Background of Pokemon

Nintendo Japanese Company, which owns Pokemon, has its franchise.

Pokemon is a combination between the words monsters and pockets.

Pokemon is home to some amazing characters. These characters are to be shot and caught by humans who are known as Pokemon trainers.

They capture the fictional characters, and train them to fight with one another.

Get Silver Johto Pokemon

This Pokemon Go edition has added new characters, and has given this title.

Pokemon has evolved from a television show, trading card game, and comics, to a place-based game in smartphones.

It has introduced animated, fictional Pokemon characters to the real world.

Children older than 13 years old can sign up. If they are younger than their parents, they can sign it for them.

Fictional Characters within the Game

The characters in the game are fictional. They were lifted from the original TV series. Many new characters have been added to the show for more excitement.

Some characters that are part of Gold and Silver Johto Pokemon go are Quilava (Bayleef), Totodile Croconaw Spearow, Rattat etc.

Generation II is made up of 251 characters and Generation IV of 256 characters.

The legendary and elite fictional characters can be hard to capture and manage.


This app for smartphones is popular and is free. This game is required in order for children go to real-life destinations. Many parents are worried about their children’s safety.

The game is now possible to play at your home. Parents are no longer worried about their child’s safety.

It is the difference Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon PokemonGo has made.