Did you also search the Internet for Gold Gas Mask Warzone? You can now get all the necessary information about the gaming gas mask in our post! The first season of Call of Duty turned out to be a success for the game developers. Therefore, they launched the second season so that players could enjoy the new gameplay.

However, many players are unaware of the GOLDEN GAS MASK which dominated the first season. Players from Canada, the United States and Great Britain are constantly looking for solutions that will allow them to get a golden mask for fascinating gameplay. If you’re looking for the same, keep reading the post to the end!

What is the Warzone Golden Gas Mask?

There are several missions in Call of Duty that revolve around gas circles. Therefore, players need a gas mask to protect their characters from dying and losing. Battle Royale is a season where you can find numerous gas circles for which a gas mask is needed. Besides, masks can be purchased in closed spaces of gas wheel stadiums.

How long does the mask last?

Call of Duty fans do not know about the mask and how long it will be used. That is why we have compiled information on the mask duration for a stable gameplay in Warzone with a golden gas mask. Once you get the standard gas mask, it will last from 10 seconds to 1 minute. However, you have to constantly buy gas masks in smaller gas circles.

Where can you find masks?

While playing Call of Duty in Gas Circles, you need to find Easter eggs. Earlier, the game developers hid gas masks in Easter eggs as part of the Halloween party. However, now you can always find gold gas masks behind the mysterious door leading to the stadium’s opening zone.

How to get a golden gas mask war zone?

You need a few things before entering the gas stadium. Access cards and access to the stadium are two things you must have. After entering the stadium, you must find locked warehouses. Then you can open them with access cards. Once inside the warehouses, you’ll need to enter your access codes to reach your destination and find the golden gas masks.

What are the access codes?

Basically, the warehouses are connected to three locations such as Floor-1, Floor-2 and a parking basement. You can write down the cheats below to find the gas masks in the game:

• CL19 to the 1st floor or level

• EL21 on the 2nd floor or level

• P216 for the basement car park

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Our final thoughts:

We precisely defined the combat zone with the golden gas mask and the methods of obtaining it. Can you tell us about your previous experience with using gas masks in the game? The comment section is yours. Share your answers with us!