Golf is a popular activity to relieve stress after a busy week at work. It is an excellent outdoor exercise, so much so that some even claim that golfers live longer.

Whether those claims are true or not, the fact remains that golf is a favourite pastime across different demographics. It is played almost anywhere in the world, Abu Dhabi included.

If you’re planning a golf trip in the UAE capital, you need to consider many things so that you and your companions can make the most out of the getaway.

To make this easier, here are seven travel tips golf enthusiasts like you can try:

  1. Scout in the best location

Like any trip, planning a golfing expedition begins with destination selection.

When choosing a golf course, think about how far you and your companions are willing to travel and how much money you plan to spend on the adventure. You should also consider the level of experience everyone has in the sport.

In short, you must match the destination to your travelling companions, resources, and trip goals.

For instance, some golf spots require players to walk the course. If this is something your group is willing to do for several days in a row, then go for it. If not, try looking for a more suitable place for you (e.g. somewhere with caddies and golf carts for rent).

Abu Dhabi promises lots of options that include championship standard golf courses like Yas Links. Here, you can tee off with friends while basking in the awe-inspiring view of the Arabian Gulf.

Designed by Kyle Phillips, Yas Links Abu Dhabi offers one of the most spectacular courses in the world, including the 18-hole Championship Course and the nine-hole flood-lit Academy Course for beginners.

The best part is, you can get Yas Island Abu Dhabi golf packages that include a complimentary visit to the Louvre Abu Dhabi to enrich your stay.

  1. Figure out your lodging

If you’re booking the Yas Links golf package, you can skip this part as the deal already includes accommodation on-site. If not, you’ll need to think about your available options.

Ideally, your lodging should be in the same place where you’re playing golf. This makes it easier to come and go to the golf course, especially if you’re playing with friends and colleagues for several days.

But if that’s not possible, you should make sure you choose the accommodation that offers both quality and a safe distance to your selected golf track. The rule of thumb is to stick to the best possible accommodation nearby.

Of course, if you don’t mind travelling to tee up and if the quality of lodging is worth it, you can still go for it.

  1. Read reviews before booking

If you don’t want any regrets later, practice due diligence before booking a destination for your golfing trip. This is crucial, especially if you’re bringing guests who could be potential clients or investors with you.

Remember that photographs on golf course websites are meant to look appealing and showcase the golf course in its prime even though it may not be in the same state right now. 

So instead of risking disappointment, make sure you look for other photos of the place posted by previous visitors. Even better if the pictures have guest reviews attached to them as well. This way, you’ll be able to see the place objectively so you’ll have realistic expectations.

  1. Consider skill level when choosing golf courses

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to think about the skill level of those going with you on a golfing trip when choosing a destination. This is also a good practice when coming up with your itinerary.

Although it’s great to try out major signature courses, remember that you can still have plenty of fun even with lesser-known golf courses. Sometimes, the top courses are difficult to book as the demand for them could be high.

If you’re playing with first-time golfers, your safest bet are more established trails. This makes planning easier and ensures that everyone enjoys the trip enough for a second round.

  1. Plan as early as possible

You must select the most suitable golf course for your group, so you may have to book early before the good ones get filled up. Additionally, ensure you have the necessary golf bags ready for your outing to make the experience more enjoyable and organized.

You may also need to reserve a caddy or a golf cart in advance to make sure you can expect help when transporting your golfing arsenal during the trip. It wouldn’t hurt to arrange meals and halfway houses in advance either.

If you’re visiting from a different country for more than just golf, you can also book seats at a restaurant and tours or a private business jet if you’re bringing company executives and stakeholders along.

  1. Try first-class

Whether it’s the golf course or the accommodation, you should consider booking first class, especially if it’s a golf trip related to your work or business.

After all, first-class is your safest bet to getting an outstanding golf experience.

Sure, you should still stay within your allotted budget, but going for cheap choices is too risky. Instead, try booking through a golf tour agent or be very thorough with your research on every aspect of the trip to avoid an underwhelming experience.

Also, consider reserving private rooms. You may find group packages that offer discounted rates, which is well and good if you’re going with people you don’t mind spending the entire day with. Still, after travelling, eating, socialising, and playing together for most of the trip, you’ll be glad to have some peace and quiet in your own room at the end of the day.

  1. Pack according to your itinerary

Packing enough clothing is a no-brainer, especially when it comes to a golf trip. You wouldn’t want to worry about not having enough change of clothes while on a golfing getaway, so it’s best to pack at least one outfit for each day of your stay.

Remember to check the dress code for the courses and bring the appropriate clothes. Remind your companions to do the same.

If your itinerary includes non-golf-related activities like bar hopping or trips to the museum, you should also take outfits that fit such activities.

Most importantly, don’t forget to check if you have everything you need for golf, including extra tees and balls. While almost all reputable golf courses have stores that sell the basic stuff, it would be best to bring your own if only to be prepared.

Tee Up and Enjoy

Organising a golf trip to Abu Dhabi entails thorough planning and early preparation. 

Figure out your lodging, read reviews, and choose a destination according to your goals and skill level in the sport. And don’t forget to enjoy your getaway.