Do you know anything about Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s recent speech? What is God among Us Uchtdorf? People may have come across these terms on social media or the news, but still don’t know much about it after that.

Elder Uchtdorf addressed the people of the United States. In God Among Us Uchtdorf, he talked about how God did not give up on their children in these unfortunate times.

Who is Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf?

Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf, popular German Avator, born November 6, 1940. He is an airline director, German aviator and spiritual leader. He is a member of the popular Quorum of the famous Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Named a student in 2004, he acted as Second Counselor to famous Thomas S. Monson during the First Presidency of the Church. He held his role there from 2008 until Monson’s death on January 2, 2018. Currently, Uchtdorf is the sixth-oldest student in the ranks of the famous Church.

By God among us, Elder Uchtdorf wants people to seek and follow Jesus Christ and walk the path of discipleship to achieve and experience the amazing gift of paying for complete happiness.

Angels among us

Elder Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf begins the story of the American crusaders who came to Germany after the end of the war. The effect of seeing people from a rival country that his country once fought against, came only recently with no plan but to spread God’s love and lead people to Christ, had a profound effect on his heart and mind.

Later in the sequel to God among Us Uchtdorf said that each of us will live forever, be fully happy, and have the potential to be successful in thrones, empires, territories, and powers.

Salvation among us

Jesus Christ was ready to come to earth and live a perfect life. It shows us how we suffer pains that are so intense that we cannot understand them. Then he gave us the knowledge of intimacy, when he helps us, he repays our sins by giving up the cross, and then he will rise from the dead to overcome the grave for us. We have a chance to be cleansed of our sins, cleanse our testicles and thoughts.

God among us Elder Uchtdorf – Jesus among us

What would Jesus teach today? He asked. The teachings of the nobility surpass politics, disease, conflict, as well as natural disasters and hunger. When we breathe in the way of Christ as a treaty that preserves people, everything turns out to be good.

She says if we have to die before our outings on a lucky day, that’s okay. Then we are also free from work and mourning. Even killing this figurine cannot stop us from our eternal rewards.

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Elder Uchtdorf tells the people not to lose hope and to continue on the path of Jesus. God hasn’t given up on us, he says.

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