Are you looking for a good time? In this post, we will tell you about a site where you can have fun and gain some knowledge, which is Global Sculptor com Us. Find out more about him and his whereabouts.

The site was created and designed primarily for people in the United States, as there you will find exciting quiz apps that contain interesting facts about the USA and its history. In general, you can also learn from this platform while enjoying the game.

What is Global Sculptor com Us?

As we mentioned above, the site has a lot of mobile game related apps and some trivia apps. There are no age restrictions as all applications are user friendly and may also be preferred by children. You can download the applications by paying a small amount.

The site is new, but has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also visit their YouTube channel, which has several videos related to the latest general knowledge and the test series of US citizenship questionnaires.

According to information available on YouTube, they set up a channel in 2018 but uploaded limited videos related to test preparation for US citizenship applicants. The application contains a random US related question that is asked and necessary during the Criteria Test for US Citizen Applicants.

Is the website legal or not?

The Global Sculptor com Us is not too old as it was launched in 2018 on March 12 and is therefore less popular but is present on social media pages. The website looks user-friendly and simple.

Users can download their applications via iOS or Android platforms. They have various gaming and trivia apps such as:

• Office Story

• Glow Puzzle

• Glowbom (with which the applications are built)

• Cruise out of the puzzle

• US Citizenship Test 2021 etc.

There is a fee to download all apps, and some features may be free to access, but it’s up to the users. In general, we can’t find anything suspicious in it, although they don’t charge any fees. You can download or visit their YouTube channel and other social media sites for more information.

Global Sculptor com Us: User response

In order to identify the application and website, we visited the Play Store and the App Store, where we find user comments. The app was found to be helpful; not many users also commented that the game is slow and a waste of time. It is suitable for those who love these game patterns.

Such applications were recently uploaded in January 2021; maybe that’s why apps and website are in their early stages. They must pay attention to the needs of the recipients and configure the service according to their relevance and preferences.


We come to the conclusion that Global Sculptor com Us is a decent site and comes with some useful apps for learning and fun; although it is not free, you can find such applications for free. But it depends on the user feedback you can share with us in the comments section below.