Whenever we think about a transparent table top the only thing which comes in our mind is glass however basically there are two main available for the transparent glass tabletop. The option is acrylic or plexiglass table top. Both of the materials are transparent and can be used for any table as a table protector or table top. Following are the main features differences and pros and cons of each material so you can choose the best type of glass table top for your furniture.


When you are choosing a transparent glass table top the first thing you can consider is the transparency of your tabletop. As told before both of them are transparent. Most people already know about the transparency of glass. Some of the glass types are available with extra transparency so you may not be worried about the transparency of glass. However, if you don’t know about plexiglass transparency then I want to explain here that it is also available with much clarity. You will be able to find the clearest type of plexiglass table top which will be as clear as any glass table top.


The Other factor which can differentiate between these two materials for the glass table top is the strength. As you know about glass table tops, it is a strong material and can withstand extreme weather conditions and is not easy to scratch. However, it tends to break and If It breaks then you have to go for a complete replacement and you cannot repair it. However, plexiglass table tops are made with plastic which is not easy to break and is a durable material as compared to glass. Resistant to scratches and can get scratches very easily in case of misuse.


Differentiate between these two materials is the customization ability of the tabletop. Both of these materials are highly customized. You can get any size and any shape of a custom glass top. However in the case of tempered glass when the table top is made it cannot be changed. reshaped or customized. But for plexiglass, you can reuse it, cut it or can deploy it in any other project.


A very important factor to decide the type of tabletop you need for your furniture. Glass table tops are costly and plexiglass table tops are cheap. However glass table tops can last many years, however plexiglass table tops should be replaced after one or two years because they lose their shiny new look. This is why plexiglass is a cheaper option but it will cost you the same amount in 10 or 15 years time. So if you need a table top for a short time period or a temporary purpose then you must go for a plexiglass table top. However, if you need a table top for a piece of expensive furniture or for long term purposes then you should choose a tempered glass table top. As far as the price is concerned, the top will cost you around a hundred to 150 dollars, however the table top will cost around 30 to 50 Dollars.


Let’s get to the point the material is the best choice for your tabletop. In my opinion, it depends on your usage priorities, budget, and many other factors. For example, if you need a durable tabletop then tempered glass is a better choice however if you need a tabletop for temporary purposes then plexiglass is a perfect choice for your furniture. I hope that these guidelines will help you to choose the best type of table top for your furniture.