Irrespective of how you like to smoke or what you prefer smoking, you can be sure that there are many glass pipes for women in the market. They come in different styles and shapes. If you want something discreet that you can have with you on the go, you are sure to find the perfect piece. 

From cute pipes to customized bongs and unique vaporizers, there is beautiful glassware that will serve you just right. 

What you should look for in Glass Pipes for Women

With many eye-catching designs and shapes, glass pipes have become more than smoking devices. They are now collection pieces that can decorate your space. You can earn bragging right among your female friends with the device. Choosing glass pipes for women is easy. 

Although ladies are choosier, there are more options for glass pipes to meet everyone’s needs. So, how do you choose and what should you look out for?

  • Type of Glass

Glass pipes are not crafted from the same type of glass, such as windows or drinking glasses. They are more lab-quality, scientific glass. Most glass pipes for women are made from borosilicate and are engineered and fashioned to withstand extreme temperatures. 

They are highly durable and can withstand various chemicals and substances without diminishing the glass surface or quality. When buying a glass pipe, you should check unique words from the product descriptions. 

Look out for phrases like lab-quality glass, scientific glass, or borosilicate glass. Glass pipes that do not have these phrases are from other glass types. Now, that does not mean that buying such is a bad buy. 

It only means it will not last as long as a borosilicate glass pipe. If you are on a budget, a cheap glass pipe may suffice. Choosing a low-budget glass pipe is also a good way to start your smoking adventure.

  • Style of Pipe

Glass pipes for women should be chic, stylish, and sophisticated. If your glass pipe does not fit the description, it may not be the right choice for a lady. There are various types of glass smoking pipes. Some are more suitable for specific products and others for preferences. 

There are glass pipes tailored for cool smoke. Some others are for hot smoke. Also, the bowl type is a consideration when choosing your glass pipe. 

It is a good idea to get conversant with the different types of bowls and suitable products for each of them. With this, you can choose your pipe style based on your preference and the products you prefer to smoke.

  • Choice of a Brand

Glass pipes for women are not the same. There are different brands, and if you want the best smoking experience, you must consider your brand choice. Brands are important even more than prices in many cases. You must understand that the fact that a smoking device has a high price tag does not mean it is of better quality. 

Artisans and manufacturers are coming up with different designs of glass pipes. Some have proven their quality over the years. Some others are just starting. 

Some others have been in the market for a long, but their quality remains below average. Some are understated, while others are flashy. These brands are sometimes tailored towards a specific audience. 


What is the Cost of Glass Pipes for Women?

Glass pipes for women are often not expensive. When compared to dab rigs and bongs, they are more affordable because they have fewer glass elements than bigger devices. A quick caveat – some glass hand pipes are expensive. 

Very artistic and hand-blown glass pipes are more expensive and even more than some oil rig or bong. That is because the design process is more delicate and intricate. If all you want is a functional glass pipe without any frills attached, a piece can cost between $10 and $25. 

If you buy a glass pipe for $25, you should expect it to last very long if you take good care of it. However, if you want something unique and artistic, you should expect to pay at least $25 per piece. Some of these artistic devices can cost as much as $100 to $300 per piece, or even more. 

If you want a custom glass pipe, you can also expect to pay within this range or more. The good thing about customized glass pipes is that they have gallery quality. This makes them a super-cool piece that stands out anytime.

Top 5 Glass Pipes for Women

To get you started in your search for the perfect glass pipes for women, we curate five options. These have been chosen based on their performance, design/style, quality, and value for money.

Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe: It features high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand extreme temperatures. It is sturdier than many other glass pipes and it comes in a unique color that will appeal to any woman. It is a great choice for fine art lovers and experienced smokers.

Glass Steamroller Pipe: This piece is also an excellent choice for experienced smokers and lovers of art. It is crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass and features clear magnifiers and a marble roll stopper. It comes with a carburetor.

Fumed Spoon: This piece is made of fumed glass. It is a spoon-style pipe featuring a carburetor and glass magnifiers. It packs a huge punch with clean, smooth hits. It is one of the perfect glass pipes for women because it fits perfectly into your purse.

Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe: It is a great choice for any type of smoker looking for a bad-ass pipe with a touch of artistry. It is crafted from top-grade borosilicate cobalt glass and features a carburetor, marble magnifiers, and flared mouthpiece. You will love smoking from this piece.

Cosmic Pipe: This is made from heavy, thick colored glasses and it comes in spoon style. It features a deep bowl and is hand-blown. It is a high-performance smoking device that can last for years if well taken care of.

Final Thoughts

Glass pipes for women are more common than you imagine. However, before you choose, it is best to do a bit of research. Check the brands available on the market and read reviews about them. If you are comfortable with the information you gathered about the product, it is likely a good brand.