When you’re constantly on the hunt for a new smoking tool to expand your collection, there can be many options for you to consider. Whether it’s a bong or a pipe, though, you have to know what it is and how to use it.

Suppose you’ve recently acquired a chillum or are thinking of getting one. In that case, you need to know how to use a chillum beforehand. Glass chillums have recently become a craze among the smoking community as they’re new and innovative. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Glass Chillum?

A glass chillum is similar to a traditional chillum. It is a straight conical pipe made out of the glass with an end-to-end channel. They don’t have a carb hole that’s used to regulate airflow to the mouthpiece.

Chillums were initially used traditionally and religiously, but today have become a great smoking accessory. They give strong and direct rips, which can be too much for your lungs if you’ve never tried out anything like a bong or pipe before.

Ways to Use a Chillum

There are two ways to use it, by yourself or with the help of others. The unique aspect of glass chillums is that you can completely use them. To start using the chillum, you pile tobacco on a tray and then press the end of the chillum into the pile.

It would help if you pressed in the tobacco inside the chillum with your finger. Put your mouthpiece and light the other end. You should inhale lightly and slowly to ensure that you’re not taking in too much in one go. It also helps you avoid sucking in ash. Chillums tend to be small in size, so you might only end up getting one hit.

How to Clean It?

When you’ve finished your smoking session with the help of a glass chillum, it’s time to get started on cleaning. If you don’t clean your chillum after every use, it can get clogged and make you unable to use it anymore in the future.

You must have patience when you’re cleaning out your glass chillum; otherwise, it can break even before you know it. First, you should remove any loose gunk from the pipe. It would help if you mainly concentrated on the area where you have filled the tobacco and other smoking substances.

Once you have removed the loose gunk, fill a bag with rubbing alcohol and put your chillum in it. When it’s fully submerged in the liquid, leave it there for a while to ensure that it’s getting completely cleaned. Rubbing alcohol can break down tar and resin, which ensures no residue remains on your chillum.

Expand Your Smoking Arsenal With This Trending Accessory

When you now have the knowledge of how to use a chillum and other necessary information, it’s time to buy your chillum. They are incredibly discreet and are great for group sessions.

Getting this trendy item is great when you’re looking to experience something new and exciting. It’s easy to pack and super portable, making it perfect for any environment you’re looking to smoke in. Find a piece that is both artistic and unique when you want to show it off to your friends.