These are short in size and present between the eyebrows.Due to these lines people look aged and it also represents anger.They are also named as frown lines and are verticals in position.

It is derived from the Latin word meaning smooth.It literally is the skin present between eyebrows superior to nose.Many medical treatments and home remedies minimize these lines even erase them.

Difference between GLABELLAR nd FROWN lines:

These are the same lines present in the human face but are in different positions. Frown lines are vertical and present between eyes above the nose.Glabellar lines are present in horizontal position above eyebrows.

 Causes of GLABELLAR lines:

There are many causes of these lines which not only represent your anger but also your laugh, smile or when you look worried and surprised.Our face is designed in such a way that it represents our emotions.Main causes were explained as;


    Pollution may cause wrinkling.Air Pollution due to traffic, running factories, burning wood lead to wrinkles.


    Getting older and losing elasticity of skin make wrinkles that cause glabellar lines.This is a natural part of aging.


    Psychological stress also increases the risk of wrinkles.Stress increases the level of cortisone hormone in our body that affects your skin to lose moisture.


   These are also caused by contraction of muscles.


   It is a genetic or hormonal problem caused at an earlier age.Estrogen hormone in women causes wrinkles. 


   Sun exposure is the biggest form of wrinkle development.UV rays cause damage to collagen in skin which leads to loose elasticity.

      How to minimize the appearance of GLABELLAR lines:

     There are two ways with which we can fill out our glabellar lines.

Natural way/Home Remedies:

  •  Getting enough sleep using a straight pillow.
  • Moisturizing face at least three to four times a day.
  • Eating a healthy diet that leads to skin hydration by drinking more and more water.
  • Keep your muscles relaxed and avoid squinting during study or using mobile phones. 

Artificial Method:

  • Botox injection can cause relaxation of your muscles and are injected into the procerus and corrugator muscles.
  • Facelift is a cosmetic type of surgery that is most expensive and tightens your skin. This is a long term remedy.

                  Ultrasonic Facial;

What is it?

          Ultrasonic facial is a supporting, hostile to maturing facial treatment step, an extra the profound purging facial, as well as microdermabrasion treatment. It is one of the most complete techniques in the 21st century.

                   An ultrasonic facial purpose cavitation to eliminate dead skin cells and trash rapidly and securely. The course of cavitation is additionally utilized in skin fixing methods so you might have known about it previously. In spite of the fact that, when utilized in facials, the ultrasonic machine utilizes low-recurrence vibrations to eliminate any destructive substances that might have amassed on the outer layer of your skin. After only a couple of outings to the spa, your skin will feel new and invigorated on the grounds that you will be liberated from these poisons. to furnish the skin with dynamic specialists.

How does ultrasonic facial work?

The indiscernible, high-energy ultrasound waves infiltrate into the profound layers of the skin, warming the tissues. This makes a controlled miniature physical issue which animates the body’s regular recuperating components to increase collagen productUnlike lasers, radiofrequency, microcurrents, and other harmless skin treatment modalities, ultrasound can sidestep the shallow layer of the skin and produce its result exclusively in the further layers where it is required.

Utilizing ultrasound imaging, the skin layers are envisioned preceding starting the treatment. The engaged ultrasound is then exactly conveyed to the expected area, at the right profundity, with insignificant impacts on the encompassing tissues. Medicines performed with the Ultherapy gadget, an expert ultrasound HIFU tracked down in numerous tasteful practices, generally last somewhere in the range of 60 and 90 minutes.

Sofwave is a harmless tissue fixing and lifting ultrasound gadget that objectives the dermis, which is a layer of the skin that is significant for tissue fixing The ultrasound causes little wounds in the dermis and as the body fixes itself and mends those wounds, it creates new collagen and fixes the tissue”