Have you ever participated in a charity or donation? How do you feel about helping others or the disadvantaged? We must always help others to the maximum because it brings immense and incomparable joy. Givebackbox reviews are finally here so you can start helping others around the world.

The Lego trend started in the United States ten years ago. Now kids and adults love to build structures and even mechanical items using Lego blocks. However, the original Lego sets can be expensive, but they are interactive and attractive. You need to read the article to the end of our last word to learn more about Lego’s donation initiative.

What is that?

Give-Back-Box is an online portal that is truly created to collect donations from Lego players and others. By visiting the website, you can see the purpose of the COVID-19 donation drive. Our Givebackbox reviews will illustrate more details in the sections to come; therefore, stay with us!

You can donate a Lego box to kids by paying fifteen dollars to create a personalized package and ship to them. You can also pay using PayPal, American Express, Mastercard, debit card and other online payment methods.

What are the options?

The web portal gives you two options that will direct you to a charity. If you would like to help the charity you have selected, you can tap on the “CHOOSE A CHARITY” option. Alternatively, you can always select the “CHOOSE FOR ME” option to choose a charity and lend a hand at random.

Who are the partners?

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The Givebackbox reviews will feature the associated partners helping the GIVEBACKBOX launch the charity on a large scale. They are listed below:

• Amazon

• Ann Taylor




• Charming Charlie

• eBags






• Newegg


• vivaterra, etc.

How it works?

The donation process is quite simple. You can check more details on the official website. Donation services are rendered to charities and retailers who are giving cardboard boxes a second life to help those in need during the pandemic crisis. According to Givebackbox reviews, you can donate used clothing, shoes, accessories and other household items in cardboard boxes.

Your small initiative to donate used or even unused items can make a big difference in people’s lives. Please check the details below to find out how the donation works:

• Step 1: open a box

• Step 2: Pack the box

• Step 3: send the box

Final verdict:

Numerous donation campaigns have been underway around the world since 2020 brought COVID-19, fires, floods and other calamities. GIVEBACKBOX is an initiative launched in 2012 to help disadvantaged and needy people in the United States. Now start helping others with your used items to make a difference. Please share your thoughts on our Givebackbox reviews.


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