If your living room is starting to look a bit old and tired, then it’s time for you to give it a makeover: new colours, new décor pieces, the works! When you’re giving a room a makeover, you must first pick a style that’s you’d like to use in said room, for today’s article, we’ll be talking about giving your living room a Luxe makeover.

Luxe style is a style that looks to emulate opulence and give a luxury and expensive feel to the design. While Luxe design is about looking luxurious and expensive, you can make your living room in a Luxe style on a relatively small budget. Luxe style uses a lot of black and gold colours, so we’ll look at how you can give your living room a luxe feel.

Dark Flooring

Our first stop in your living room’s makeover is the flooring, as Luxe design uses a lot of black colours, you should start by having a dark flooring. Ideally, you’d want wooden flooring made from a really dark or black wood like Ebony or black carpeting.

With black floors, you have a good base for a Luxe style and you’ll be in a place to decorate the rest of the room, using the black flooring as your starting point.

Highlights On Walls

As we’ve mentioned, Luxe style uses a lot of gold and black colours, so to get a Luxe style on your walls, you should look to paint the walls black, with areas of gold to add highlights to the wall and the room.

You can opt either for: black walls, with gold trim along the side or on areas around the walls like skirting boards to make the walls pop; or you can paint the walls black and have one golden wall as a feature wall, this will help you create a focal point, but the darkness of the other walls may be overwhelming.

Gold Furnishings

It’s time to add more gold to the room, to counteract the darkness from the black walls and floors and help really drive the feeling on luxury home. You don’t want to over do the furnishings however, as over using gold may take you from looking Luxe to looking a bit tacky, so you’ll want to use your furnishings sparingly.

So, you’ll want to choose your gold furnishings very deliberately, curtains is a great area to go gold with some luxurious champagne curtains. But other soft furnishings like a black and gold baroque rug or gold scatter cushions will help add to the style.

Statement Lighting

Finally, to balance out the darkness from all the black in your living room’s décor, you should make sure the lighting in the room is on point, so that the room doesn’t feel cold and dark. Black colours can be overpowering if the lighting isn’t on point, so the room must be well lit.

The best way to go, is to use your ceiling lights as a statement piece, whether you opt for a chandelier style lighting rig, or opt for something a bit more modern, with a lighting piece that also works well as a focal point, like LED ball lights.

Following these tips will help you transform your living room from and old drab room, into an opulent and luxurious room fit for royalty!