Bathroom Installation Manchester:

Making your picture-perfect bathroom starts with selecting the right company. You want to know that your bathroom corporation has the know-how and services to bring about the project from design to completion. We have loads of years of experience in wet room and bathroom installation.

We effort with all the main bathroom producers to guarantee that each project from small bathroom repairs to a complete Bathroom Installation Manchester is done to the all-out standard. We also start the installation of bathrooms for people with agility matters. Even whereas fitting spiked bathrooms, providing broader access baths and showers, we offer showroom bathrooms short of the showroom charges.


We are always there for bathroom repairs and have general knowledge of various property styles in the Manchester area. If you are looking for your next bathroom, then make certain you call AW Maintenance for your free no-obligation quote.

Bathroom Remodel Company Manchester:
Hire us if you need the perfect bathroom remodelling service carried to your approach. You can do the whole thing from home and we assurance you a simple, hassle-free procedure that will leave you speculative why you didn’t find us prior. 

Let us modernize your bathroom according to your perception and style. Tell us where you are and we will come to you to guise at the lot you want doing in your bathroom. We offer a comprehensive bathroom service that covers the whole thing from a bespoke bathroom remodel to leaking pipe repair. Every project is constantly done to the highest standard. You can depend on us for bathroom renovations, tiling, plumbing, Bathroom Installation in Manchester.

Your house will look fanciful once we’re completed and you won’t believe your eyes when you see the ending result. Our team of expert bathroom fitters is here to handle your bathroom reformation project from start to finish. They are all able and understanding, making them your go-to squad when you need a renovation project completed in a fast and well-organized fashion. 
Make a brand-new bathroom suite that will fit your necessities and modifier your life for the better. Custom bathroom design is our specialty and we will look out of every feature, from the bases to the walls. Our knowledgeable bathroom fitters enjoy what they do and take prodigious pride in their work. 


Bathrooms aren’t frequently the main room in homes, so using the space you have is significant for attaining making the seamless bathroom. This may be cruel forgoing having a bath or a hostage sink. Easy conducts to make the most of your bathroom are:

  • Shower vs Bath – If space is very rare, selecting to only take a shower may be the top choice. Though, you can find baths in an extensive variety of shapes to ensemble your room; from corner shapes baths to ‘P’ formed or even separate. If you feel you need a bath and a shower, you can place a shower over the bath so there’s no want for a shower platter. Similarly, some baths allow for toiletry stowing behind the crosswise panel for additional storage space.
  • Counter vs wall-mounted sinks – A counter can be boundless for toiletry storage in your bathroom, though, they can be fairly large and rough. Another choice is to have a wall-mounted sink to let you be able to acquisition a slighter storage container for toiletries.


With all the fittings in a bathroom requiring at least 2 methods of water supplies (supply and drainage/waste), it can become tough and luxurious to move fittings around once they have been located. This is why a bathroom fitter is essential to guarantee that your Plumbing Services Manchester works appropriately and to waste standards. You must check and insure that your selected place for your fitting is where you need it to stay as affecting them at an advanced date can be complex. At AW Maintenance, we can help you with determining this and support you with any queries you may have.


Guaranteeing your bathroom has proper ventilation will assistance stop any damp from interfering in your home, which can damage your health and look unpleasant. You can expand your bathroom ventilation by installing a bathroom supporter into your bathroom; the best repetition is to have it situated close to the shower or bath. The only part of the follower that you will see in your bathroom would be the grate so you needn’t concern about spoil the look of your bathroom. Also, they are now lower than older forms.